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    The Elf class is a long range single target focus class. The damage output for the elf more than makes up for the limitations in Area of Effect (aoe) and skill mobility. Elf has Medium Armor and Magic Defense.

    The Elf has four main attack skills and the highest priority party buff.
    Triple shot- Frontal Power Attack. Range 8m. Cooldown Timer 4s.
    Multi shot- Frontal Low Width AOE. Medium damage per hit. Range 8m. Cooldown Timer 4s. Can be directed during animation from original casting position.
    Penetration shot- Straight Frontal Very Powerful Attack. Range 8m. Cooldown timer 10s. Crowd Control effect- Knockback
    Ice arrow- Short range full AOE with Frontal Power Attack secondary attack. Range AOE 4m, Range Secondary Shot 8m. Cooldown Timer 8s. Crowd Control Effect AOE knockback, Frontal Attack Stun.
    Buff- Increases Att Dmg and Defense based on % + base amount.

    The long animations make the elf attacks easy to dodge. Use Ice Arrow to push enemies away when they get too close or to split up a batch of enemies to isolate targets. The knock back can be used to lock a target up against the environment and lock them down. When the stun hits a target, use either triple shot or penetration shot.
    The main skill to use with elf in PVP or DS is Multishot at range and chasing. Use Multishot to mow down large groups and when enemies are moving too much to use Penetration and Triple shot.
    Use Penetration and Triple shot only when the target is stationary. These attacks have long animations and are easy to dodge. These attacks have extremely high damage output. In boss fights, these skills should always be on cooldown, as bosses rarely move when engaged.

    The main Stats for an ELF are STR, AGI and STA. Energy does not benefit Elf in any way.
    Below is a List of Stats and how they are impacted by the Characters points.
    Dmg: 841 dmg/ 1000 str
    Def: 799 def/ 1000 agi
    MDef: 265 mdef/ 1000 agi
    Acc: 500 acc / 1000 agi
    Evade: 500 evade/ 1000 agi
    Hp: 4200 hp / 1000 stam

    End game, all elf characters will end up being in the same tier gear and roughly the same stats. But during the leveling phase, there are 3 types of build focuses that a player can choose from for the elf class DS, Balance and PVP. Each one has a distinct focus that is builds for and focuses upon to achieve within the game.

    The DS build is the typical PVE build focused purely on damage. This build is used for focusing on farming DS loots for faster progression through the leveling phase.
    Fruit levels determine armor set. No points are put into Stam. The bare minimum agi for highest tier weapons able to be achieved for current level. The remaining amounts of stat points are put into str to maximize damage.
    This build has very little armor and defense. Not ideal to use this build for PVP situations or events.
    Pet Focus is pets like Garuda, Red Dragon and other max dmg pets.
    Feather Focus is Blaze, Glacier, and Thunderclap.
    Focus on Division as priority followed by wings tier then Title.

    Balance build is a hybrid build that has weapons higher tier than armor set, but has sustainability in pvp situations.
    After achieving the highest level weapon, points are placed into stam and agility to match the armor set to weapon tier within one level.
    This build has decent armor and defense.
    Pet focus is pets like Garuda, Freezer, Bone Dragon and Red dragon.
    Feather focus is Blaze, Glacier, and Thunderclap.
    Focus on Wings, Titles, and Division Equally.

    PVP build maximizes defensive stats while maintaining dmg output. This build has the greatest defense capability but still can pack a punch.
    This build maintains the same level weapon and armor. Point allocations is balanced between stam, agi and str.
    This build has the highest armor and defense.
    Pet focus is Freezer, Pegasus, Bone dragon and similar defensive style pets.
    Feather focus is Blaze and Thunderclap.
    Focus On Titles, then wings and division last.

    The Elf has 2 weapon combos available, 2h bow and Xbow+Quiver.
    The 2h bow has a higher minimum damage but lower max damage than the xbow+quiver combo. It is easier to maintain and level as a character progesses, but lacks the option for additional critical chance, excellent options and seeding abilities.
    The xbow+quiver combo has the highest damage output, highest crit, seeding, and exc options, but maintaining them as a character progresses is difficult. The items needed to upgrade these weapons come only from Devil Square.
    Xbow+quiver max damage is roughly 25% higher than bow.
    Bow minimum damage is roughly 10% higher than xbow+quiver combo.

    Compared to other classes, the elf fits between the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard in Defense, Magic Defense, and HP values.
    Ph Def: Elf is 86.7% that of a DK, but 118.9% to a DW.
    Magic Def: Elf is 120.1% compared to DK, but 85.6% of a DW.
    HP: Elf is 83.9% compared to DK and 116.7% compared to DW

    In PVP Matchups, The Elf counters DW/EMK. The Elf is weak to DK/SMK.

    Runasen USWest Origin2
    Meathead USWest Origin2

    If any information is lacking, incorrect or even simple typos, please post a reply and they will be addressed to maintain the accuracy to this guide.
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    I saw the last skill that character will be able to get after 3RB level 1 but now I am 4 RB level 70 and I still can't get it. Do you know how?


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      Originally posted by NarakOusaphea View Post
      I saw the last skill that character will be able to get after 3RB level 1 but now I am 4 RB level 70 and I still can't get it. Do you know how?
      Sadly, it hasn't been implemented in the game yet. Everyone's looking forward to it.
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      • NarakOusaphea
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        Editing a comment
        ohh .... so sad then

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      It will propably never be implemented as far as I know