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  • [Guide] Wing Soul System

    Wing Soul System
    Enhance your fighting capabilities to a greater extent with the Wing Soul System”

    How do I unlock the Wing Soul System?

    The Roch Soul System will be unlocked on your Tier 5 Wings and the Griffin Soul on your Tier 6 Wings. This feature can be accessed under the “Wings” tab in the Character window.

    What are the new feathers and what makes them different to one another?

    Both feathers increase the maximum option of your Wings, enhancing it greatly to improve your overall stats however the difference between the two is that the Griffin Feather gives more additional stats compare to the Roch Feather.

    Where can I get Griffin/Roch/Rainbow Feathers?

    The feathers are obtainable through the Plus Card and Special Events which occur twice a month. To know the latest events, you can visit this category here.

    (On this image, the Rainbow Feather is obtainable every 6th day from your Plus Card)

    You can also craft Roch Feathers on [Craft > Wings] with the following materials:
    • 3 Rainbow Feathers
    • 5 Jewel of Creations
    • 10 Jewel of Life
    • 1, 000,000 Zen

    Note: Please note that there is a chance that this may fail.

    What are your thoughts about this new feather system? Share your thoughts to the community and show off your highest level Wing Soul that everyone has to see!
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