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[Guide] Feather System and Pet Synergy

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  • [Guide] Feather System and Pet Synergy

    Feather System

    "With this update, you can now improve your Character Power even further by upgrading your Wing's Feathers!"

    How do I unlock the Feather System:

    • You need to unlock the 4th Tier Wings to gain access to this feature.

    What do I need to upgrade my Feathers?

    • Zen (Bound/Unbound)
    • Condor's Flame
    • Condor's Feather

    Types of Feathers

    There are 6 types of Feathers to upgrade and each significantly boosts 2 stats:

    Buff Effect

    Not only does each upgrade increases your Character Power, you will be granted with a bonus such as an additional chance to land Critical Hits as well as resistance to it, too!

    How do I increase my feather's Tier Level?

    You need to have 10 Feather Levels before you advance to the next tier. Each level per tier increases your Character Power! A feather level consumes a specific amount Condor's Feathers while upgrading to the next tier requires Condor's Flames. The required amount of Feathers/Flames and Zen increases per Tier so make sure you check zen as your Unbound Zen will be consumed instead if you ran out of Bounded Zen.

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    Pet Synergy

    "Do you have unused pets with good options? With Pet Synergy, this new feature improves your pets' fighting capabilities and greatly boost your Character Power!" Simply equip your (4) four best pets, and with the right combination, unlock special buffs and multiple pet combination bonuses!"

    Where can I find this "Pet Synergy"

    This new feature can be found under the "Pet window" under the "Bag Icon"

    What is a "Special Buff"?

    There are 2 columns under the Special Buff window: Level Set and Property Set: Level Set bonuses are unlocked when you meet the required Pet level. The total amount is based on the current level of your (4 or less) pets. Similar to the Level Set, Property Set bonus is based on the "total number of Property Options" from your (4 or less) equipped pets.

    Here are the available Pet Property options:

    What is "Combine Pets"?

    Not only do you get bonuses from the total amount of your Pet level and Property option, creating the perfect pet combination will increase your fighting abilities even more! The lists get updated whenever you change your pets too, so make sure you save all your pets to see what other options are available that suit your need!

    Here are some examples of pet combinations:

    • Offensive Builds

    • Defensive Builds

    Note: These lists are for visual presentation only and do no represent actual builds in-game. Feel free to customize your character build!

    Did you know...that you can get 2 or more combination pet bonuses with only 4 pets? Share your thoughts about these guides!

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