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[Guide] Loren Castle Siege

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  • [Guide] Loren Castle Siege

    [Event] Loren Castle Siege

    The Top 3 high Guild bidders will be able to participate on Loren Castle Siege every Wednesday and Saturday at 21:30 Server Time. The main objective is to defend the Dragon Tower from the opposing guilds If the defending guild wins, they will receive multiple rewards and special titles until the next Castle Siege.


    Loren’s Wings – A special wing worn by the victorious guild’s Guild Master. Not only does it increases your stats but makes him stand out and be known throughout the Continent of MU!

    Winner’s Feast- The winning Guild hosts a celebration where everyone is invited to join the feast in Lorencia. Participants who were able to join will receive rewards: Experience, Guild Contributions and Star Essences. Be sure to join the feast as the seats are limited!

    Exclusive Title - The victorious guild will have their members entitled with exclusive titles which will last until another guild will win the next siege.

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