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  • [GUIDE]Combine

    Combining 3 similar items with the same rarity will give you the next tier (1) equipment.

    To get to the Combine menu, go to "Refine":

    1. Tap on "Refine"

    2. Tap on "Combine" under Refine.

    Now let's discuss how "Combining" works:

    Basic Things you need to know about Combining:

    If you put an equipment with "Shiny" on the MAIN slot, the result becomes a Shiny as well.

    If you put a "non-shiny"equipment on the MAIN slot, the results becomes a non-Shiny.

    You have to put the ITEM W/ LUCK OPTION in the MAIN SLOT so you can TRANSFER "IT" ONTO THE NEXT TIER. This includes the enhancements, options and seed options.

    You need Gems to combine the equipment. The cost may vary.

    • You can combine equipment from other classes (Ex: You can combine DK/DW equipment even if you are an Elf)
    • You can't combine different tiers under the same character equipment slot (Brass Gloves, Plate Gloves, Dragon Gloves = X)
    • If you have 1 unbounded and 2 bounded, the result will be Bounded*
    • However, if you combine 3 unbounded items, the result will be Unbounded*
    • You can't combine equipment with different rarity (Common/Rare/Epic) Please refer to my screenshot below:

    Combine Rules:

    FAQs about Combining:

    1. Can I combine Common/Rare/Epic with Epic as the Main?
    No you can't. I don't know why people believe that they' get something from this so-called "theory". If you think you can justify this to forum then we would deeply appreciate it! (CONFIRMATION REQUIRED)
    2. Can I use the ones I got from the Daily Dungeon?
    Yes, obviously. It doesn't matter where you get your stuff.
    3. I have a + 9 on my main, + 7 in Sub 1 (Left), and +20 Options in Sub 2 (Right), how does this work?
    It will take the highest value from each enhancement. So the result should be: Tier +1 Equipment, +9 Enhancements and +20 Option. (This is based on a test that I did back on my first month, it might have changed) (CONFIRMATION REQUIRED)
    4. I don't want to combine my + 20 Options in Sub 2, it might not transfer to the Tier +1!
    Then you have to transfer the enhancements first before you combine them. Check this Transfer Guide!

    If I miss something in the guide, please drop a reply here or send me a message in my account!

    Happy Combining everyone!

    Transferring Enhancement/Option/Seed Options ||| Combine ||| Labyrinth of Dimensions

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    Sticky! Keep up the great work MiaoMi!

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      Originally posted by [MOD
      MUAlycia;n1921851]Sticky! Keep up the great work MiaoMi!
      Yay thank you!
      Transferring Enhancement/Option/Seed Options ||| Combine ||| Labyrinth of Dimensions


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        what is the maximum combination tier? for example I have tier 10 Death bringer equipment, is there anything higher?


        • SpiritAngela
          SpiritAngela commented
          Editing a comment
          Tier 10 equipment is already maxed out. For you to advance to the next tier (T11 and above), you need to have them transmuted.