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  • [Guide] MU: Origin Launch FAQ

    The Launch Day is fast approaching and we have been receiving a lot of questions about Warriors eager to answer the call. We've created a new FAQ to address any concerns you may have about the game's launch.

    Launch Details

    Q: When does the Launch begin?
    A: July 28th 00:00 UTC (Tentative Time)

    Q: Will my characters from the Soft-Launch period carry over to Launch?
    A: Characters created during the Soft-Launch will carry over to Launch, but they will remain in their respective servers.

    Q: I played during the Closed Beta, can I play my character from Closed Beta at Launch?
    A: No. Closed Beta Character data has been removed and will not be available during Launch.

    Q: I would like to play in a brand new server! Will there be new servers on Launch?
    A: Yes. We will notify every one of the new servers’ names well before Launch time.

    Q: I am currently playing the game but I want to move. Can I transfer my character to the new server?
    A: No. The new server will only have characters created on and after the Launch. Server transfers will not be available.

    Q: Will there be a new region available?
    A: We are currently only able to support the service regions we have at this time. Our service regions are as follows:

    · Countries of Americas
    · Europe (Excluding Russia)

    Please select from the following server for the best connection experience.
    · Americas
    · US West Server, US East Server
    · Europe
    · Europe Server


    Q: What OS does the game support?
    The game currently supports Android and iOS.

    Q: Will my device be able to run this game?
    Please see the system requirements below:

    The requirements for MU Origin are as follows:
    Minimum requirements - Android 3.2 / iOS 6.0 / 2GB RAM
    Recommended Requirements - Android 4.0 / iOS 6.0 / Quad Core 1.5Ghz, 1GB RAM

    Follow these steps to check your OS:
    Android: Menu -> System Settings -> Software Information
    iOS: Menu -> General -> Software Update

    Please note that we have received a considerable number of incompatibility and instability reports from players who use Intel processors on their mobile phones.

    Q: What if I change device or uninstall the game?
    A: As long as you are able to login with your, Facebook, or Google account there wouldn't be any problem.
    However the following condition might end up losing data.
    1. If you have deleted your account
    2. If you used guest login

    We strongly recommend you to convert the account in order to keep your data safe.

    Q: Can I play this game on an emulator or app player?
    We have received reports from our players that they are able to use known emulators. We also recognized the number of players who experienced MU Origin via these 'app players', thus we permit their use. However, please note that we are unable to offer technical support for issues that arise from the use of emulators, so we strongly suggest you contact the emulator's support for technical assistance.


    Q: What classes will be available at launch?
    Dark Warrior, Dark Wizard, and Ranger

    Q: The game does not run properly.
    A: If the game does not run properly, please try the following things.
    1. Reinstall the game.
    2. Submit CS ticket in the game.


    Q: What is WEBZEN account and how can I make one?
    A: WEBZEN account is the account used on official homepage of WEBZEN.
    There are various cross-promotions and newsletters that benefit WEBZEN users. If you don't have an account, go to to create one.

    Q: Is there any disadvantage of logging in as a guest?
    A: In case of logging in as a guest, your game data may be wiped out when you uninstall the game or change the device.
    Therefore, we strongly recommend you to convert the account into a WEBZEN, Google, or Facebook account.

    Q: I have deleted my account before. Is there any way to restore it?
    A: Unfortunately deleted account cannot be restored.
    Note we are double checking during the deletion process to prevent users' mistake. Please make sure you do not delete your account mistakenly as it cannot be restored in the future.

    Q: It says my account is suspended.
    A: Abusing or exploiting items in abnormal ways is strictly restricted according to our policy.
    You can find privacy policy and terms of service of MU Origin in the game or on our official website.

    Q: I have lost my account (password).
    A: To retrieve WEBZEN account: visit
    To retrieve Google account: visit
    To retrieve Facebook account: visit


    Q: I purchased Diamonds but I have not received any.
    A: If your purchase did not go through, please contact us as following.
    1. Connect to MU Origin
    2. Go to System > CS
    3. Fill out everything and submit a ticket.

    Note order number will be sent to your Google account.

    Q: I would like to get a refund for the item purchased by mistake.
    A: According to our policy, we do not provide refund service. Please make sure to double-check the name and price of the item you wish to purchase.

    Have a question? Check out the Launch FAQ! or the Launch FAQ (PT)

    Check out the MU Origin Volunteer Moderator Program!

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    Hello, I would like to know when you leave the game in spanish, because I am from VENEZUELA, would also know when placed other races, Magic Gladiator, Summoner, Dark Lord, Rage Fighter if possible ...


    • Selupan
      Selupan commented
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      Alixonjferrer18, at this time the game is only supported in English. As for the other classes, we will be sure to make an announcement when there is word about them.

    • CHELO565
      CHELO565 commented
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      oye amigo ase meses trato de descargar el juego a mi pc tu sabes como puedo aserlo??soy de argentina

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    So... If I play the game with ha emulator my acconunt will not be block or something like this?


    • [MOD]MUAlycia
      [MOD]MUAlycia commented
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      Correct. It won't be banned, but there will be no support.

  • #4
    what about the cbt tester gift can we claim that gift?


    • [MOD]MUAlycia
      [MOD]MUAlycia commented
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      It will be available once the game officially launches

  • #5
    is it possbile to use panda gift in the new server?


    • #6
      Dark warrior = dark knight? Ranger = elf? Is that correct? Asus/intel incompatibility so what is the upate on this issue? Before the update, the issue was tolerable like freezes in CM and when doing pvp. But all was smooth meaning playable. After the upgrade it is totally not playable. Stck up at webzen loading... u r lucky when it loads to start game. So what now? What solution have you done to fix this issue? What is the update? Just ignore because few players using this phone? This is a bug! An issue you must resolve!


      • #7
        What about Windows Phone players?


        • #8
          Originally posted by Cez007 View Post
          What about Windows Phone players?
          As a Windows Phone user and app developer for the Windows Store I... highly doubt this will happen soon. Ever since, we've always received the short end of the stick when it comes to getting the latest popular games. Even our social apps are incredibly behind. Still, you can never know.


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            Do you have plans also to have a server on Asian Region like PH? So that this app may available on playstore and able to play by other pilipinos too?


            • #10
              Originally posted by Zmahwz View Post
              Do you have plans also to have a server on Asian Region like PH? So that this app may available on playstore and able to play by other pilipinos too?

              Aren't Filipinos able to play already? I see plenty of Filipinos in-game.


              • Serjeeoh
                Serjeeoh commented
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                Yea. But the struggle is real whenever a new version needs to be installed like what's happening now. :'(

            • #11
              Pregunta:estuve jugando hace 1 mes atrás mi cuenta seguira existiendo? Mi personaje se borrara? o se borrará o sino para esperar hasta el 28 q es el lanzamiento oficial y crear mi cuenta nueva


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                Originally posted by Zmahwz View Post
                Do you have plans also to have a server on Asian Region like PH? So that this app may available on playstore and able to play by other pilipinos too?

                I think that`s the MU Origin SEA is for, but hey, whatever works your mojo


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                  Good afternoon, i downloaded the game and when i walk on the selecting the perfect ta doll. but when i enter the game is a part showing the game and the other completely black. already i installed again until formatted cell. but the error continues, what do i have to do this repairing this error? my phone answers the requirements for the functionality of the game. HELP ME PLEASE


                  • #14
                    Good Morning, is there any way i can purchase diamond in MU Origin, because my gmail or google wallet is permanently ban thats why i can't purchase any diamonds or vip in the game.. and by the way please grant my ticket requesting the change of email for me to able to purchase a diamon in MU Origin, thanks very much.


                    • #15
                      IS there any plan from webzen to launch a SEA version? I hope someone from the mods can tell us if it is or isn't possible for us not to hope anymore..Many Thanks and more power to webzen .


                      • [MOD]MUAlycia
                        [MOD]MUAlycia commented
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                        There is already a MU: Origin SEA version available. This forums is for the Global version by Webzen, though.