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  • [Guide] Language Filter

    What is the Language Filter?

    The Language Filter is an in-game tool that came with the 07.05 Patch, meant to improve upon the built-in chat feature in-game.
    To use the Language Filter, tap the chat bubble icon to open the Chat Menu. From there, the Language Filter option is located on the top-right corner of the screen. Select the Language button to choose from English, German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

    Selecting a language from the drop-down list will allow you to apply a filter based on the language selected.
    We hope everybody finds this feature useful.


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    This Filter Give us a lack of kinds of players around the world, making this a funny game for who dont know another languages. In my coutry its make a lots of diference !


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    As a player at Europe server, this is especially handy due to variety of languages