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[GUIDE] How to switch from GUEST to PERMANENT account

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  • [GUIDE] How to switch from GUEST to PERMANENT account

    Yet another contribution of mine to the community, here is a short step-by-step guide (with screenshots) on how to convert from a GUEST account to a PERMANENT account.

    1. Tap "System" button
    2. Tap "Settings" button

    3. Tap "Sign-Up"

    4. Tap "Confirm" button

    5. You will be returned to the MU: Origin Login Menu.
    Simply choose between "Webzen", "Google Plus", or "Facebook" as your permanent game account.

    (note: You can not switch to a different login method. When I tested it, all of my accounts were different/separate from each other.)

    a. If the account you logged-in (Webzen, Google Plus, or Facebook) was already used in Webzen's MU Origin, the error above will appear.

    If you were successful, you will be automatically logged-in to your account. Tap the "Start" button and you will see your character from your old GUEST account.

    From hereon, login using the "login method" you used earlier (Webzen, Google Plus, or Facebook).

    You are done. It is that simple!