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  • [Guide] Interaction


    To select other user, touch your target character.
    Once your target is selected, the target UI appears at top of the screen and a green indicator appears underneath the target character.

    1. Inspect
    You can inspect other user's gears.

    2. Whisper
    Whisper to target user.

    3. Invite to party
    Invite the target user into your party.

    4. Trade
    Trade with target user.


    You can inspect other users and interact with them.

    1. Friend
    View friends list.

    2. Inventory
    Display your items and the name of items will be typed if you select it.

    3. Emoticon
    Use various Emoticons to express yourself


    Touch "Party" button in the screenshot above to open Party Window.

    1. My Party
    You can form a party.
    Set options for party invitation and loots.

    2. Nearby Party
    Seek other parties around you.

    3. Nearby User
    Seek other users around you.


    Touch your portrait and open the "Friend" menu.

    1. Friend
    Show the list of friends added.

    2. Enemy
    Show the list of enemies added.

    3. Block
    Show the list of blocked users.

    4. Recommended
    Show recommended friends.

    5. Add Friend
    Type name of the character you wish to add as your friend.

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    Omg! It has trade system. So happy with this. Can't wait.