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  • [Guide] System Menu


    1. Reward
    Redeem coupons and claim free rewards.

    2. First Charge
    Make your first purchase and get grand rewards.

    3. System
    You can find community, customer support, mail, option setting, and other menu for user's convenience.

    4. Arena
    Defeat other users in the Arena to win exclusive rewards!

    5. Event
    Check entry time for daily events: World Boss, Golden Forces, Closseum and etc.

    6. Dungeon
    Enter Story Dungeon, Daily Dungeon, Party Dungeon and Endless Tower for EXP and rewards!


    1. Recharge Bonus
    Claim reward for first purchase, daily charge, total purchase, total spending of Diamonds and etc.
    Note each account can claim the reward for total spending only once.

    2. Daily Activity
    Claim rewards for the activity points you earn on a daily basis.

    3. Level Reward
    You can get more rewards by leveling up your character.

    4. Consecutive Login
    Rewards for consecutive log-in up to 7 days!

    5. Accumulated Login
    Claim rewards for your total logins!

    6. Daily Login
    Get daily rewards for elapsed time after login (3, 10, 20, 40mins).

    7. Promo Code
    Redeem a coupon for special events!


    1. Meditation
    Get EXP and Star Essences as rewards for the duration you are logged out. (Up to 12hours)

    2. Mail
    Receive dungeon or event rewards via mail.
    When inventory is full, items go to mailbox.

    3. Support
    If you're experiencing problems or require customer support, then contact us via Support anytime.

    4. Settings
    You can go to the following menus.
    - Login
    - Server Select
    - Character Select
    - Region Select

    Change different settings through the settings menu.

    5. Combat
    Set options for the AI system.

    Auto Potion - AI uses potion at the HP you set.
    Auto Hunting Range - Set the range of AI's hunting area.
    Battle - Set details regarding AI's battle.


    Defeat other users in the Arena for exclusive rewards!

    1. My Arena Information
    View your Arena ranking, CP, and division.

    2. Division
    As your Division goes to the next rank, more powerful buff will be granted.

    3. Reward
    Your reward according to Arena ranking.

    4. Log
    Check your Arena result history here.

    5. Ranking
    View your Arena ranking.

    6. Number of Challenges Available
    View how many free or VIP challenge is available.


    Daily Event
    4 daily events open according to their schedule. Difficulties vary depending on user's level.

    Devil Square (Unlocks at level 50) - Require "Devil Squrare Ticket" to enter.
    Event time: every 30 mins

    Blood Castle (Unlocks at level 70) - Require "Cloak of Invisibility" to enter.
    Event time: every 30 mins

    Angel Temple (Unlocks at 1 Rebirth, level 73)
    Event time: TBA

    Chaos Caslte (Unlocks at 2 Rebirth, level 1)
    Event time: TBA


    World bosses spawn at specific times and spots. They drop a number of valuable items as they are not easy to defeat. You can move to the spawing spot by selecting a boss and tapping the "Go" button.


    6 Golden forces apear at specific times and spots. These forces drop tremendous amount of Zen.
    You can move to the spawing spot by selecting a force and tapping the "Go" button.


    Drop rate and EXP rate is 8 times more than open fields.
    This event is available for only 30 minutes a day.

    Defeat bosses from each chapter of the story.

    Acquire EXP and Zen from daily dungeons.
    The number of entry allowed increases as VIP grade goes up.


    Create or join a party to raid party dungeons together.
    You can earn Zen, EXP and even rare materials!


    The best place to evaluate your strength!
    Sweep all floors you've already cleared to get rewards daily!

    Toggle World Map

    Touching mini-map toggles the map window.

    Area Map

    NPCs, monsters, and portals are marked on local map.
    You can either touch any location on the map or select specific destination in the list shown to move.
    From VIP grade 2, you can teleport to the destination.

    World Map

    Tap your destination to teleport.
    The teleport costs Zen or Bound Zen.

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    Whoa! Are there maps in this game that's just like in the Mu Online pc version? That is so cool.