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  • [Guide] Safe Zone Menu


    1. Exchange
    Acquire Star Essence and other resources in exchange for Diamonds or Bound Diamonds or Zen.

    2. Task
    Check out what tasks are incomplete yesterday and what are available today.

    3. Auction
    You can purchase items you need or earn money by selling goods.

    4. Epic Chest
    You can open an Epic Chest for free every 36 hours.
    You may win a rare item or Zen or EXP!

    5. Upgrade CP
    Find what you can do in order to increase your Combat Power.


    Acquire Star Essences, EXP and Bound Zen by consuming Diamonds, Bound Diamonds or Zen.

    1. Exchange with Diamonds
    You acquire EXP, Bound Zen and Star Essence.
    Available 5 times daily

    2. Exchange with Bound Diamonds
    You acquire Star Essence.
    Available 3 times daily

    3. Exchange with Zen
    You acquire EXP.
    Available 3 times daily

    The number of exchanges available increase depending on VIP grade.


    On this tab, you can find available quests, dungeons, events, and the number of times available for each task.
    Additionally, you can move to the start location by tapping the "Go" button.


    You can complete previously missed tasks by consuming Diamonds or Zen.

    Epic Chest

    You can acquire weapons, armors, EXP, Zen, Gems and etc. through the Epic Chest.
    Free chance to open an Epic Chest is available every 36 hours.
    You can also open the chest by consuming Diamonds.


    Are you struggling to find more ways to increase your CP?
    Under this menu you can find various ways to make your character stronger.

    1. Ready
    Various methods to increase CP are listed.
    Tapping "Go" button will direct you to the proper menu.

    2. In Progress
    Shows you the tasks in progress.

    3. Complete
    Shows the tasks you've completed.


    Display the table of tier item sets.
    You can find out where you can obtain the tier sets.

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    This is going to be very cool. Its on mobile!!!!!