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Wheres the customer service when you need them?

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  • Wheres the customer service when you need them?

    Dear MU, i have on numerous instances and via several channels tried submitting all your information however to no avail. i am greatly disappointed in your customer service being a loyal VIP member. which by the way forces players to spend money in order to keep up with the rest of the top players, that being said... i am tired of getting the automated response and would like a way to contact someone that can actually assist me with the simple matter of password reset. i am loosing so much time struggling to get to get my password reset that i am really at the point of quitting MU entirely! this is my last try and if you value all players as you claim i assume someone will contact me soon! this is absolutely horrible and i cant believe that a big franchise as yourself having such a great reputation treat you players/customers in such a careless way. PLEASE HELP

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    Are you referring to a secondary password reset? I've been there and trust me patience is a virtue. Just make sure you provide a correct details they need and everything will be okay. Sending a follow-up to them is a wise move too.