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  • speed hack


    this is the link of video of us west sv 1 guild [REDACTED using speed hack during major league last night
    its been more than a 1 year since they started doing this on all server events and guild event
    you think this is fair?
    you guys havent done anything i know for a fact that hundreds of people sent u guys a ticket and sent u videos and still not done anything
    so tell me what are you guys going to do abot this matter? jus close ur ears and eyes and ignore it ?
    jus keep thinking about the way to make money instead of making game fair to everyone so it can b enjoyable?

    well choice is yours u pick and choose if u want this game keep going or dead by hackers

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    I appreciate your time reporting this to our team. You may want to contact the CS team about it and provide them the details (such as what program was used to do such feat).

    Nonetheless, I'll have this forwarded to our team for an investigation. Thread closed.

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