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The Post Merger Effect

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  • The Post Merger Effect

    What I observe from merging s28, 29, 30 and 31 Europe, I'm from s31.

    *Right now the server is very active and still fun.
    *Money keeps on flowing.
    *Have 3 top guilds unlike before only 1 strong guild and no one can challenge.

    * Maybe half of the players I used to play and talk everyday before the merging, now they're gone.
    *Before our top rank player is 12k cp and now he falls down to 12th or 10th, now suddenly our top player is 25k cp of course from another server maybe atleast 6 to 8 months older than our server.
    You do everything to be top player/players in your server then suddenly you were not on top anymore.

    For now it is very active maybe players are testing if will be still fun to play.
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    Yeah, the Crystal Mine from US West 1 to 11 is very crowded regardless what time it is. Top Guilds always guarded the large Crystal of Bound Diamond. Some of their members are waiting their turn to dig in the safe zone. Low-level maps have too many idle users farming collection exchangeable items, especially in Devias where the worms spawn.
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      Ah yes, the annual merge and the usual feedback everyone has. The feedback gets friendlier each year and much less of an eye sore compare to the previous merges.

      Anyway, it is common to see people leave after a server merge and even if there wasn't a merge, they'd still leave anyway and it's not something anyone can control, right? Each of us has their own life to live to the fullest. While some finds it very discouraging (after being moved back from the Rankings which doesn't really do anything other than your personal "Bragging Rights" being printed out into an imaginary I.D.), new challenges await them as well as a reason to drive themselves back on track.

      I noticed you are from the newer servers despite seeing your name here for once in a while along with the other you guy you've been arguing with. Just to let you know, there are people here who have been playing in the old servers since soft launch and we've seen the same comments about top players being kicked out from their iron throne multiple times due to the merge then griefed about it over the forums but to be fair they get to see new faces and new friends/enemies to play with and ends up getting along with them, mostly. Anyway, it's great to see people like you writing your thoughts positively despite losing people you played with for a very long time. That's circle of life right there.
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        looks like the things aint that good as you were expecting them? Now do you understand my toughts about the merges atleast a bit?


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          It depends on who you will ask to.

          Players from older/oldest server on the merge group most likely this merge is very positive for them.
          But to the unfortunate servers that were on the end of the group its negative and very frustrating.

          Ever since, I don't favor server merging but since there are things in game you don't have control with so you'll just have to accept and deal with it.

          I still prefer character transfer, players choice but with restrictions and limitations rather than merging the whole server.


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            Every char would choose to transfer to newer server and be a top, if he cant be on his curent server. Its like having a Mercedes and you have to choose an opponent btw another Mercedes or a Lada (for same reward). Ofc you gonna select the Lada... Many players would leave, coz they "drive a lada" and on their track now appears many Benz'es .... In our new "server" every day I see ppl spamin with " selling chars cheap bla bla bla". They gonna leave, some of them would join s33/34 and in a year they would feel the same merge sh*t ...