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    so I found and decided to play the Android version of MU just to see what it was like compared to the PC versions I played in the past,a lot of differences and still can't figure somethings out like how to retaliate when PK'd and the chat system is a bit confusing, but be that as it may I'm a bit confused about the permissions needed for the game to load.... access to contacts and dial pad.... now personally I can't see any legal reason a game would need access to either of these, and it "claims" that it's to improve game performance, however it works just fine on a tablet that has neither contacts or a dial pad, so can any one explain to me the need for these, because as of right now I see a ton of invasion of privacy issues popping up if a lot of users decide to band together and raise a stink.

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    You can always choose what permission that you would decline or approve. It seems that you are new to the Android platform. The majority of the apps in the Play Store require different permission which is completely your discretion. The links below from the web might help you to understand why is it required.
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      I am aware of the permissions options, however the Android version of this game will not load if you do not give it access to your dial pad or contacts, if you deny access at game load you get a screen in some form of asian characters, (Korean?), and it cycles until you approve access, even on devices that do not have phone ability, my question is why? it claims to help game performance... the game doesn't require cell service to run, and no one in my contacts even plays much less knows about this game, and except for my own characters I have no one in game I know or hang out with, so where is the "improvement" come in?


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        You can post here an image. It's sounds unfamiliar to me. What brand and specs of device you are using?

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      it is device independent, it is part of the game. first thing when run wants access to contacts, external storage (read and write), and mobile phone status, all to "provide better sign in and game service"

      and if you deny the approvals you get this one:

      which I don't know what it says, but if you don't click the little green option it just starts over


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        so can anyone tell me why we are forced to give phone access even when the game doesn't actually need it to work? and I know this for a fact as I play on a tablet which does not have cell capability