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  • Rules and regulations?

    Good Evening to all my fellow warriors/gamers and Webzen team.

    i want to clarify several things before pointing fingers and saying what i trully feel before making certain it is against the rules.

    All this issues are related to one set of people and characters.

    1- when it comes to accounts/characters is it allowed for people to impersonate, multiple users under 1 character to dominate server? Eg: 5 users, 1 character playing all along to raise it. Whenever their other characters are not able to they play multiple accounts under 1 person. I mean this because you can tell when user leaves auto attack while bringing the other.

    2- guildnames can be called as porn websites without any repercussion? Recently this user’s changed their guild name to one as such.

    3- even though i do not really care much about it, but it gets to a point i just close the game because it evdiently disturbs me, does bullying even after the fact they do all these things become legitimate? I understand the strong pray on the weak and all and thats fine, but when you dont raise your warrior in a fair play way and still bully.. i feel thats disgusting.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this and if this is a reportable thing or if it is just a technicality that it is being taken advantage of by these group of people.

    Thank you in advance Webzen team and fellow warriors.

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    1. If you suspect those players are bots, then you could probably report them to the Support team so they can have it checked.
    2. I don't know if that's really a problem? It's just a guild name.
    3. if they're bullying you "verbally", then you could report them to the Support Team, just do not forget to include a screenshot that will server as an evidence against the mentioned player/s. However, if they're just killing you, I don't think that they will do anything about it since PK is part of the game.


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      1). I don't recall anyone being banned for playing multiple accounts either. Impersonation only covers users pretending to be Game Masters and as far as I can recall, users doing that in US West were immediately banned from chat and I believe that the highest sanction they can get from doing it. Going back, I hardly believe one user with multiple accounts can't be banned as it doesn't really any harm against the company but it does affect the inflation of most things in the market. I admit I use 2 accounts simultaneously for buffing and doing DS then selling stuff worth selling but never did I notice any major effects to the users. Btw, I use 2 devices and I own the accounts with 2 different emails in case anyone asked.

      Sold accounts are things you may want to discuss in a different thread.

      2). I remember one person from EU who was reported for having a lewd name who also had multiple characters with the same problem and also have a sexual Forum name. I never seen him ever since though but I recall his name was changed. For Guild names, you may want to report them to the CS together with a screenshot supporting it. I know it's a lot of work for some but they'll require you to do it anyway. Btw, how does one change his guild's name?

      3). Unfortunately, the only impenetrable defense for game bullying or power gaming is its functionality as part of the game. You really can't report people for killing you multiple times if you're in a PK area. You do can report if they're exploiting a bug like in certain PK Area maps such as in the Crystal Mine. Befriending them may only be the key I can think of right now of which I did back then but... that's something anyone can't control when it was design to be that way. MU Origin isn't community-friendly even with it's predecessor. This is what the MU titles are known for except Legend, I think.
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