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  • hacker
    i already told you guys about this before and others already reported tickets about hacker and its been nearly a year since they started using hack and you guys do nothing about it still
    that is really messed up what you guys do there seriously tell me what you guys do at work and infront of computer?
    at this point we all know you guys are not banning this player since he is spending alot of money into your game
    im truly amazed how ignornat you guys are
    guess what his guild won major league thanks to you guys not doing anything about it
    keep it up soon your game will die because i will make sure to let everyone know about this game and this support in every game community

    those are video of hacker name madmaxx from us west sv 1-9
    and i attached pic of him coming in to temple in 3 sec on cw from all the way bottom of map to temple
    amazing right? if you have eyes take a look at ur damn game and think what u should do instead of worrying abot banning player who spend money
    there is things that are more important than money

  • #2
    Maybe you could tell them what kind of cheat they are using? I've noticed your the same topic about last month and your evidence still the same nothing new.