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WebZen very important question!!

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  • WebZen very important question!!

    In April 2019 google are planning to remove their service Google+.
    Right now I believe a lot of mu origin users are using this method of login into the game.
    So my question is do you know about that? are you working on it?

    I am asking because I see icon G+ when selecting method of login.

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    I believe that they will only shut down the Google+ due to lack of users, which is different from Gmail offered by Google. It's like a social networking platform by creating an account through sharing videos and photos. But, yes it will cause confusion to all. Check the links I've found:

    Closure of Google+: everything you need to know

    What is the difference between Google account and Gmail?
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      In log in option we can see the g+ logo. Maybe that's what he seek a clarification.

    • BWakanaNGyaWa23
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      But, yes it will cause confusion to all.
      Like I mentioned earlier.

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    Yes they are going to shutdow only google+ social network but a lot of services are using this google+ method of authorization that why i made this topic
    I think it is important question for our community


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      I'm using the g+ log in option, I think I won't purchase this coming days until Webzen assures the accounts using g+ won't be compromise.

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    If Google+ was to discontinue their service then they should give users the option to just transfer their accounts to a regular GMAIL and if that even happens, Google+ should receive an official announcement via e-mail but even so, it's unlikely to happen.

    Did anyone actually read the article BWakanaNGyaWa23 posted? Well, let me help you with that:

    (Needless to say, if you already have a personal Youtube account or Gmail, they will still remain unaffected from this change, only Google+, which is their Social Network, not the entirety of Google)
    The only time you should be worried not to be able to login to MU Origin is where GOOGLE DISCONTINUES THEIR SERVICE. Google+'s fate is similar to Friendster's where it was discontinued but you can still continue using the account, if you managed to transfer it anyway, but not the same way as it was back before.

    To conclude, the community doesn't need to rely to WEBZEN too much especially during the Lunar Holiday, LOL, but rather checking and UNDERSTANDING the facts through reading articles, being skeptic to news, avoiding stress-inducing hysteria and most importantly discussing it first with the community.

    If you don't trust me then wait for their announcement.
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      Reply from Mu Origin on Faceboook.

      Hello! We are aware of the announcement of the third party service. If there will be changes or update regarding that then, further notice/announcement will be posted here.


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        AFAIK, even if they will be removing Google+, you won't be having any issues logging-in into the game. Since what we're using to log-in is Google account itself.


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          At first, I was mind f*cked as well with regards to this news. But if you think about it, we are actually using a Google Account, not just Google+; Google+ is just a "branch" so to speak. Even if we cut it off, the tree would not be affected so much.

          And also the things that they posted above makes sense.