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    that is the link of player name”m**m**” from west sv1-9 using speed and teleport hack. He is well known hacker and his whole guild is using it to take advantage by using hack on all sv events and as well as guild events. Yet, webzen is not doing anything about it. It is very clear that this is against thier own policy to protect hackers just because that player is spending money on their game. You guys already know abot this this particular player but not doing anything about it. First thing you guys have to do is ban the player using 3rd party program. Do your job. Stop looking for how to make money there is more things you guys have to focus on beside that. Its been over 8 months since he started using hack. Look at now. Anything has changed?? Anything changed after players reported him multiple times? You guys just dont give a fk. Well start giving fk about it or u guys will lose players
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    Hi! I have omitted the name of the player until further investigation (I`m sure you have already heard of that). Yes, you are right that hacking or any other form of it is against our Policy; again, as much as I would like to ban someone with a snap of my fingers, we would need to investigate it further. For that, we would need to escalate this case to our specialists.

    We know that it is very "cliché" for us to say that we will investigate it, however, we really do need to do it. You may have been in contact with the CS Team and did not like what they had to say. We will be deliberating with the whole team for this. Additionally, we will be here answering your issues or concerns, as long as we stay civilized

    That is all, for us here, we would like to ask for your extended patience and understanding regarding this player report.

    We hope you understand.
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      Like i told u. Its been over 8months since he started using hack. And nothing has done by you guys. It is amazing how little u guys care and listen to reports... it is not jus him using hack now. It is his whole guild using it to take advantage of it. Im sure u know what will happen to game when there are hacks and you guys dont do anything about it. Game die by itself. People leaves and u know its coming


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        More like losing from a petty fight than an actual report of the hack itself. If anyone in your server was so concerned about it then they would have told the CS what program they used instead of a video of these people warping around the map. If someone was so concerned about it then they would ratted them out for the better good. And if this program was being used in the game, why is it not used in the other regions? I believe you're also the same guy who reported AVK from using hack, too, if I'm not mistaken. You kept yourself "quiet" in the World Chat after he came back and was proven innocent. Now, you're onto someone else.

        I've seen your name way too many times in the Facebook page; the Asian-looking guy reporting VIP users, who is also a VIP btw, when felt losing, resorts to reporting them for using hacks.

        Bottomline is, if it was a concerning issue, someone should ratted them out. Spamming them non-stop doesn't make it urgent, it only makes you more annoying.
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        • Qibytsu93
          Qibytsu93 commented
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          OK, prescinding from the jelly guy, doesn't it look like hacks or I'm missing something?

        • MiaoMi
          MiaoMi commented
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          It can be anything. From a faulty phone to a bad recording, quite common to a cheap free video recording app.

          And I don't recall any hacks used nor some sort from 2 years playing this game. What's weird is the fact it only happens to a specific Guild, who is their opposing guild btw, in one specific Region which is US West, with the same people this guy talk s**t about to all corners of the world chat. The reason I doubted this guy is because he is the same person who rants in the World Chat about almost anyone who is above his rank, he thrases AVK in the Facebook page and in our server and trash talks every single people who opposes him and his guild.

          This guy has 0 credibility and the report, I believe, is the only way he could win a fair fight to the bigger whales. I know this guy by heart ever since their guild landed after the 2nd merge. Bad intention only gets him nowhere.

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        I have more than 20 videos of that user using hack. You want me to post everything on youtube and see it for urself before protecing that player without any knowledge??
        During major league, he went inside temple 2 sec after gate is open
        during crywolf guild battle, he goes inside temple 2 sec after game starts.
        You got better thing to say about him? Because i got proofs and you dont. It seems like you are one of his member using hack and scared to get ban as well as madmaxx hacker


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          Originally posted by Lildavidj View Post
          You got better thing to say about him? Because i got proofs and you dont. It seems like you are one of his member using hack and scared to get ban as well as madmaxx hacker
          First of all, I know you and how bad your attitude is. Second, everyone in US West knows your false claims about AVK and this was done by brute force.

          I honestly believe a video of a guy warping around the area doesn't make it believable as almost everything can be forged. And a report coming from a guy who has no credibility, talks crap on their Facebook page, barks to anyone in US West 12-19 and publicly shames people, the list goes on if I wanted to. Remember what you did with AVK, you claimed him to be a hacker too when it wasn't really the cause why he was banned for a week. If you were really that eager to report an entire guild of your so-called "hackers" then why not present us a video of you showing how its being done then?

          Oh right, you want the mods to do it for you. Right, a fool's errand, forcing them to do your witchhunts. You have no credibility so expect people to talk ill about you unless you prove them wrong. You want to help people then do what I suggested you to do. If it even exists.
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            yea sure avk pilot aka " hector" biggest liar in the century here talking its honor to talk to u here
            keep making up ur fairy tale
            now look at this picture this is from todays crywolf.
            as we all know cw begins at 20:03:10 sec exacly
            thats when the gate opens to move
            and look at it after 4 seconds he came from all the way bottom of his base to temple
            usually it takes more than 10 secs to enter defenders temple and he manage to come in 4secs its amazing right?
            now tell me what more proof u need ??? keep your dirty talk to urself please you got no proof all you do is talk talk talk at least i have it

            now this is for webzen what more proof u need? what else you need? you guys all know he is using x10 speed hack and still his being able to play this game with it


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              We've heard enough. We'll have this investigated as soon as we can. You can continue sending your reports to the CS, Lildavidj. Additionally, excessive use of profanity in all of our platforms will not expedite of formulating a resolution to your concern.

              I will be closing this thread and please take this as a gentle reminder to your future reports.

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