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    Hi i'm new here. I have a question about power abuse, bots, and if this game is just P2W. Itry 3 or 4 servers 'n every i cant to play.
    Server 32 have much bots and i cant farm, CM i leave n dead... So I think new players are not welcome just old players. So sad this remember
    my firts mmorpg when just have Losttower

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    Power Abuse is part of the game especially to older servers and they have the right to do it. They won't allow new people to get ahead of them and I would probably do the same especially if I already paid a lot to this game which leads to your P2W question. The answer is yes but isn't all MMORPG like that?
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      We'll for my two years playing this game your consumption of purchasing Diamonds is completely your choice. Crystal Mine is a common PvP area if you don't want to be killed then, avoid peak hours which rainbow crystals spawn. Literally, there is no more bots here or even ad-spammers which gone last year at the 2nd quarter of 2018. What you've seen is emulator users most likely from new servers those who are willing to exert more time farming items in the Devil Square for the sake of alternate characters.