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  • MU Origin 2

    Hello Webzen and everyone,

    As I know MU Origin 2 is coming to Europe soon.
    There is pre-registration with some nice rewards ongoing -

    My question is if there is already known release date?
    I heard that it will be open in 2019. But is there a chance that it will be open on the 1st day of 2019?

    Any information will be appreciated.

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    It's not a webzen game. Don't try asking here.


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      And it's coming to southeast Asia, not Europe.


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        Even if they announce an official release date, it might not come to Europe unless they announce it as a "Global Release" like this one. You can see the title of each class is written in Thai and not English. Let's just keep our hope up and see what goes beyond from there.
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          Good evening. I have a problem with mu origin2 for mobile. the moment I suddenly play the game throws me out. I re-enter the application and it starts again from the beginning. I have deleted the game from my mobile phone 2 times and I have reinstalled it and the problem persists. I have the HUAWEI P20 Pro mobile phone. I have put a lot of money into the game and I don't want to give it up