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[Event] Restoring MU History - 08/13/18 ~ 08/26/18

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  • [Event] Restoring MU History - 08/13/18 ~ 08/26/18

    Restoring MU History
    Event Date: 08/13/18 ~ 08/26/18
    Reward: (50 Winners) 50 Jewel of Bless, 50 Jewel of Soul, 50 Jewel of Chaos, 10 Bound Zen (1,000,000)

    As the Akeron underworld was recently discovered, many archaeologists have started the research on it. They have found this ancient book about the history of the MU continent. It goes like this. Long, long time ago, there was a great king in Losteria (the ancient name for Lorencia). He was courageous, strong and wise. His people loved him. And the king’s name was…

    Yes, the book is badly damaged and that’s where it ends. To complete the story, the archaeologists are gathering any related information about it. Please continue the history as you know, heard, (or even invented). The story doesn’t have to make sense but it has to be at least 3-lines long. It will be archaeologists’ job to disentangle the truth!

    For more information, visit:

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    MU Origin Support Portal
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    And the king's name was Alberon. He was a great king, but when the world needed him the most, he disappeared. His greatest achievement was creating a safe haven which we now know as Lorencia, where great warriors from all over the land converge and create amazing adventures. Some say that they still get a glimpse of the Great King, some say he is just a legend, a myth, but he is still out there, protecting those who are in need.

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      And the king’s name was…

      Baal, when archaeologists read book, suddenly the asteroida bennu came up and scolded everything. He survived only one legendary warrior, and the name of his Kelevra

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        And the king’s name was Thode, the first king of an united Akeron. Him and his queen Tysna were great rulers over the MU continent wich they ruled over more than 157 years... as the archaeologists continue to read a strange sound hears from the chaimber where they found the book and suddently a strange of half human half snake appeared and the book just "flew" off their hands to this odd appeareance. In the next second, all archaeologists were caught up in a strange field from where they couldn`t move but they heard the thing saying:
        My name is Seffath, I`m the guardian of this old artefact, the Book of Thode, the book that holds all Akeron`s history. What bussines brings you here to disturb my centuries sleep?

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          And the kings name was Retardion The Guardian ruler of all low IQ Mutizens. He tried to read the book, but forgot that he was illiterate. He looked all over the land to find someone with the upgraded skill of "reading", but alas, no one was to be found.
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