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Lucky Draw is bugged, not giving certain item.

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  • Lucky Draw is bugged, not giving certain item.

    I spent over 20,000 bound diamonds on Lucky Draw today and never got the Advance Medal Box(5), not even one. I received 21 Footprint Pieces, 9 Sweet Candy footprints, 4 Heart Queen footprints, 19 Superior Badge Box(10), 14 Golden Relic Gift Box(300), and I think 15 Heaven Drop(30). Is there any way I can just buy some Advanced Medal Box with Bound Diamonds? I need some advanced medals.

    This is not the first time I have noticed Lucky Draw Event having a good item for Bound Diamond(300)/Epic Draw and after multiple tens thousands of bound diamond spent I get multiple of all the other prizes and not even one of the the best prize available.

    IGN: Azriel
    of US East, Server 28
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    Just to prove a point I spent more on Lucky Draw tonight, over FIFTY THOUSAND Bound Diamonds and still received ZERO Advance Medal Box(5). That is a total of roughly 73,000 Bound Diamonds spent on Epic Draw chances, and never got any Advance Medal Box(5) which is labeled Epic. That makes 243 Epic Draw/Bound Diamond pulls, and received multiple of all but one of the possible Epic prizes. OBVIOUSLY there is a 0% chance of receiving that item with Bound Diamonds even though it was labeled "Epic"... And as I said this is not the first time I noticed a falsely labeled prize.

    I am kind of upset because I do need those advanced medals, especially now with all these extra Achievement and Fame points I gained...
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