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    Today i bought first time with my iphone 11 pro max diamonds i bought 2500d and you take the money from my bank account and i get 0 diamonds i tryed with 150d to see if this problem continue same thing happen you take the money and give me 0 diamonds if you thing i m sanda and i m not going to do something you are wrong . If someone do refund you gonna ban him but really what you doing for you costumers i have one account with lot of money payed for this game i m expecting from you with you stupid rules to give me this i payed i m not expecting any favour or something i m expecting to get this i payed to have .
    I spoke with Apple they cant do nothing and when i tryed with apple to do ticket you sending me to thems and they cant do nothing the only thing they can do is to give my money back but this you want? you losing people every day you want really to leave and the few who left ?
    I wait till tommorow night my diamonds then i do anything to protect my self as costumer i report you everywhere with all evidence i have and i refound the money i gave to you and your silly game you gave me the weapon to do it with your 0 help.
    Character name : Rayla
    Server : 36 Eu
    if you thing people who givving you money they are stupids you thing wrong and you must thing it twice its really embarassing you have and company close it better and go do something else than to thing you can steal money

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    Players usually send a ticket to MU Origin Customer Support for purchase inquiries with a screenshot of receipt. You can check the previous comments, which exactly the same as yours on their official FB Page. Here is the link about how to communicate with them:
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