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[Notice] 6th Server Merge - Merging Server List

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  • [Notice] 6th Server Merge - Merging Server List

    Hello Warriors!

    The 6th Server Merge is finally coming on 2021 November 16th!
    Below is the list of the merging servers.

    *We are deeply sorry for the confusion. There were some mistakes in the servers.
    Please check the merged servers again to prevent confusion.

    Get ready for some competition!
    Server Merge events and a Special Event is also coming for you very soon!

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    U guys are nothing but a ignorant money hungry brain dead rats. Players spend money and supported game for years and we put food on ur table and keep ur life going and u ignore 99% people who disageee with this merge and kept it going. Now west have no merge Sv 1-10 remain same for 3 years. Sv 11-24 remain same for 3 years. Sv 11-31 have no enemy for 3 years.
    this is pvp game and yet noone to fight for after this useless shit merge u guys decided to kept it. What u rats smoking on?
    great job btw u selfish trashes. Now people leaving this shit game and now people know u guys are shit. I will make sure more people quit slowly and tell them not spend money on it.
    u rats don’t appreciate players then we dont have reason to support u and put a food on ur pathetic life of urs