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MU Origin Update - Genesis War - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Genesis War - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v13.0) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. Genesis War
    - Who will survive to the end? The Genesis War has been updated.
    - The Genesis War is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during 20:00 ~ 20:20.
    - You may participate in the Genesis War after you reach Reverse lv.30.
    - The Genesis War is an individual Reverse event where you fight anonymously with other players.
    # After entering the Genesis War, all other character names will be hidden.
    # Other Titles or Guild names will be hidden.
    - The Genesis War is held under 'All' mode. You may not change your PK mode during this event.
    - Your PK points will not increase during the event.
    - Up to 220 players can participate in the Genesis War.

    <Genesis War Rules>
    - The Genesis War consists of 5 Floors. You will enter and start from the 1st Floor.
    - You will acquire points on each floor depending on your survival time.
    - You will acquire points for killing other players. The higher the floor, the more kill points you will receive.
    - You may leave or enter the Genesis War freely during the designated event time.
    - Upon re-entry, you will start from the 1st Floor. The points you have stacked will remain.
    - All warriors participating in the Genesis War will receive the Light of Ares buff.
    # Light of Ares: Your HP does not recover. You will deal additional Reverse DMG.

    ▶ Non-decisive stage
    - The first four floors of the Genesis War will be non-decisive.
    - You can advance to the next floor once you reach the designated kill counts. After moving to another floor, you will be invincible for 5 seconds and your HP will be fully recovered.
    - You may drop down floors once you reach a certain amount of deaths.
    - After you drop down a floor, all your death counts will be reset.

    ▶ Decisive stage
    - After the decisive time starts, the top floor will be opened.
    - The top 10 players will automatically move to the 5th floor once the decisive time starts.
    - During this time, all other players will have a chance to move to the 5th floor after reaching the designated kill count.

    ▶ Point Rewards
    - You will receive Point Rewards after reaching a certain amount of points.
    - Point Rewards will be given to your Reverse Inventory.

    ▶ Ranking Rewards
    - The Genesis War ranking will be accounted for once the event is over.
    - The higher your ranking, the bigger your rewards.
    - The top ranking player will receive an Exclusive Title, the "Flame of Primal".
    - The Exclusive Title will last until the next Genesis War.

    2. Ruins Assault
    - Which Guild is the strongest of them all? The Ruins Assault has been updated.
    - The Ruins Assault is held every Friday during 21:20 ~ 22:10. The 1st Floor is open during 21:20 ~ 21:25.
    - You must enter the 1st Floor of the Ruins Assault to continue participating in the event.
    - Entry requirements for the Ruins Assault are Guild lv. 3, Reverse lv.1 or higher.
    - Please be noted that each additional floor of the Ruins Assault will require level conditions. If you do not meet the conditions, you may not advance to higher Floors.
    # 1st ~ 3rd Floor: Reverse lv.1
    # 4th Floor: Reverse lv.60
    # 5th Floor: Reverse lv.140
    - PK is allowed inside the Ruins Assault.

    [Battlefield Rules]
    - The Ruins Assault is composed of 5 Floors. There is a limit to the number of Guilds that can participate in each Floor.
    - Your starting Guild coordinates will depend on the number of Guilds participating in the event.
    - Guild Members of the same Guild will start in similar locations.
    - The starting point is a Safety Zone. PK is not allowed in this zone.
    - Boss Monsters will spawn in each Ruins Assault floor. Guild damage rankings to Boss Monsters will determine Guild qualifications to next floors.
    - All players participating in the Ruins Assault will be granted the Light of Ares buff.
    During the duration of the buff, players will deal more damage to Boss Monsters.
    - Damage to Boss Monsters from your all of your Guild Members will accumulate.
    - The Guild that deals the most damage to all 5 Boss Monsters combined will win the event.

    - You must have joined a Guild 24 hours prior to the event in order to receive rewards.
    - You may receive up to 3 types of rewards after participating in the Ruins Assault.
    # Battlefield Reward: The Guilds that deal the most damage to the Boss Monsters in each floor will receive Battlefield rewards.
    # Ranking Reward: Ranking Rewards will be given according to the damage ranking of all 5 Boss Monsters combined.
    # Win Reward: Win Rewards will be given to the Guild that deals the most damage to all Boss Monsters during the event.

    3. Mount Seal
    - Stronger Mounts, more powerful characters! Mount Seals have been updated.
    - Mount Seal unlock conditions are the same as that of Reverse. It will be activated after Rebirth 10 lv.1[Ancient Legend(1)].
    - Find Mount Seals in [My Character > Mount > Equipment > Mount Seal].
    - You can acquire Mount Seal items in the Genesis War.
    - You may use Seal items of the same type to activate Seals.
    - Mount Seal properties are the same as Reverse properties - Light, Dark, Nature, Spirit, and Chaos.
    - Each Reverse Property Seal is composed of Endurance, Confidence, Hope, and Pride.
    - Reverse Options will increase permanently when you level up Mount Seals. The additional options differ according to Seal.
    # Endurance: Property ATK Increase
    # Confidence: Property ATK Increase, Property DEF Increase
    # Hope: Property ATK Increase, Property DMG Penetration
    # Pride: Property ATK Increase, Property DMG Absorb
    - All Seal Properties of Mount Seals will accumulate.
    - The maximum level of Mount Seals is lv.100.
    - Seal effects are activated after reaching lv.10 of four Reverse Seals of the same property.
    - You may only choose from one Seal effect out of 5 Reverse Seal properties.

    4. Hero Rune
    - Enhance your Hero using Hero Runes. Hero Rune has been updated.
    - Find Hero Runes in [My Character > Reverse > Hero].
    - Hero Runes are divided into 5 types - Storm, Flame, Frost, Earth, Thunder.
    - Hero Runes are divided into 3 grades - Magic, Rare, Epic.
    - You can equip up to 5 Hero Runes. You can equip Hero Runes of the same type.
    - The maximum level of Hero Runes is lv.50. You can enhance Hero Runes by absorbing other Runes.
    - Basic Property effects will be increased as you enhance Hero Runes.
    - You may acquire special options by chance when you enhance your Hero Runes to a certain level.
    - You will acquire Rune Points when you equip a Hero Rune.
    - Rune Points accumulate points from all equipped Hero Runes. When you reach a certain amount, you can activate the Divine Knowledge effect.
    # Praise: Activated upon reaching 3000 Rune Points. Hero Rune Basic Property +7%
    # Gratitude: Activated upon reaching 9000 Rune Points. Hero Rune Basic Property +17%
    # Trust: Activated upon reaching 25000 Rune Points. Hero Rune Basic Property +35%
    - You may acquire Hero Runes by participating in the Ruins Assault.
    - You can find acquired Hero Runes in your Reverse Inventory.

    5. Dark Cave
    - Shine the light of victory! The 'Dark Cave' feature has been updated.
    - The Dark Cave is a All-server feature that involves Clan vs Clan battles.
    - The requirement for the Dark Cave is Rebirth 5, Lv.1.
    - The Dark Cave is open on Tuesday and Friday at 21:30 ~ 22:00, and each season lasts 2 weeks.
    - You may apply for the Dark Cave if your Clan master is over Rebirth 5, Lv.1, and when there are at least 3 Clan members that are online.
    - Every match lasts for 12 minutes which consists of an apply time of 2 mins, preparation time of 1 min, battle time of 8 mins, and accounting time of 1 min.
    - Each Clan member will receive a message once the Clan master applies for the Dark Cave. You can enter the Dark Cave by replying to the Dark Cave message.
    - After entering the Dark Cave, all players will stand by in the center of the map, the Safety Zone, for 1 minute.
    - When battle preparations are over, you will be able to move your character. After 10 seconds, you will be changed to PK mode.
    - You cannot create Clans during the event.
    - You cannot add or remove Clan members during an event.

    <Dark Cave Rules>
    - After the battle starts, 3 Lightposts that can be captured appear in the battlefield.
    - You receive buffs for each Lightpost that is captured. Buff effects disappear when battle time is over or when you lose control of the Lightpost.
    - Buff effects are as follows.
    # 1 Lightpost: Moving Speed +25%
    # 2 Lightposts: Moving Speed +25%, DMG Reflection +50%
    - You are exposed to attack while capturing Lightposts. A captured Lightpost cannot be taken back for a period of time.
    - When you die in the Dark Cave, you resurrect in the center of the battlefield.
    - The battle ends when a Clan has possession of all 3 Lightposts. If time ends with no Clan as victor, all Clans lose the Dark Cave battle.
    - You receive 50 Clan Points on winning the Dark Cave. These Clan Points are used in Rankings and Seasonal Accounts.
    - You lose Clan Points when you lose from the Dark Cave battle. The deducted points depend on your current Clan Points.
    # More than 800 Clan points: Lose 50 Points
    # 600 ~ 800 Clan points: Lose 40 Points
    # 400 ~ 600 Clan points: Lose 30 Points
    # 200 ~ 400 Clan points: Lose 20 Points
    # Less than 200 Clan points: Lose 0 Points
    - Points you earn this season will be refreshed at the first Dark Cave match next season.

    - Daily Rewards
    # First Win: Receive First Win Rewards upon your first victory.
    # Victory Rewards: Receive Clan Points and Win Rewards upon victory.
    # Defeat Rewards: Lose Clan Points and participation rewards upon defeat.

    -Season Rewards
    # Rankings are accounted for at 24:00 on the last day of the Season. You will receive Ranking rewards according to your Clan Point Ranking.
    # Season Rewards maintain until the next season accountings.
    # Exclusive Accessory: Receive the 'Light of Holy Spirit' by achieving 12 personal victories.
    - The Exclusive Accessory will maintain if you leave your Clan or it is disbanded.
    # You cannot receive Clan Rewards if your Clan Point is 0.

    ※ The first season of the Dark Cave starts from 05/25. Please check notices for details Here

    System improvement

    1. Max Level Increase
    - Maximum character level has been increased to Rebirth 19 lv.100.

    2. Reverse Stone Unequip Function
    - You may now unequip all Reverse Stones at once.
    - Tap the Unequip All button at the [Reverse > Reverse Refine > Equip Stone] in order to unequip all Stones from your equipment.

    3. Additional Grades added to 'Arena' and 'Achievements'
    - 7 Grades have been added to the Arena and Achievements.
    # Achievement: God Killer, Sacred Defender, Devastator, Light Bringer, Arbitrator, Transcendence, The Absolute
    # Arena: MG, KTG, LTG, CWO, LG, GEN, GA

    4. Time Adjusts for Guild Events
    - Guild Leagues and Crywolf Event time has been adjusted to 10 minutes.

    5. Additional Slots for Soulgem Inventory
    - [Soul Stone > Soulgem] inventory has been expanded to a maximum of 200 slots.

    6. Fixed Issue of Appointing Guild Master of Champion Guild
    - Fixed issue where the Champion Guild could not appoint a Guild Master.
    - After transferring the Guild Master position, the previous and current Guild Masters need to both reconnect in order for the appointing to be successful.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Malicious Lair update!
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