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Regarding the issue after 4th Server Merge (Resolved)

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  • Regarding the issue after 4th Server Merge (Resolved)

    Hello warriors,

    We have been receiving several player feed-backs after the 4th Server Merge on 10/22/19.
    Please see the note below for details of each issue.

    1) Unable to enter the Force Map in US East. (Resolved)

    2) Unable to enter every All-Server Map's Channel 2 in US East, US West. (Resolved)

    3) Clan Activity to do list not appearing. (Resolved)

    4) Unable to enter Server Dungeons in US West. (Resolved)

    5) Unable to enter Clan Events. (Resolved)

    All Clan Events are now back to normal.
    Please check here for the detailed schedules:
    Check Clan Schedule

    6) Reset Clan Battle Royal accumulated kills. (Resolved)
    For the characters that have encountered this issue, please contact us through our CS.

    We would like to let you all know that the relevant teams are working on the issues.
    We promise that we will immediately inform you once they are fixed.

    If you encounter other problems that are not listed here, please let us know via our Forum, Facebook, and CS.
    We thank you for your patience and are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    MU Origin