Hello warriors,

We have been receiving several player feed-backs after the Devilish Treasure update on 07/10/19.
Please see the note below for details of each issue.


1) Unable to enter the Devilish Treasure and the Clan Chase
The events are intended to only be enter-able during the season. The first season begins on Monday, 07/15/19.
We are very sorry for lack of event season description. We kindly ask for your patience until the first season starts.

The Devilish Treasure Event Icon might disappear at [Clan Event], once you enter the Event screen.
However, it will be seen again when the event season starts on 07/15/19.

2) Crystal Mine x2 Hours appearing to be one hour each time instead of two hours (fixed on 07/10/19)
The actual event hours are still set to be 2 hours. However, it is appearing as one hour each time at the moment.
We will fix the event hour information shown in-game as soon as possible.

3) Unintentional change in 'Cursed Skull' Accessory options (fixed on 07/11/19)

4) Unable to switch and remove equipped Guardian Souls (fixed on 07/17/19)
The fixed version is now available on Android and iOS.
Please visit the Play Store and the App Store for the v.9.0.1 update.


We would like to let you all know that the relevant teams are working on the issues.
We promise that we will immediately inform you once they are fixed.

If you encounter other problems that are not listed here, please let us know via our Forum, Facebook, and CS.
We thank you for your patience and are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

MU Origin