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MU Origin Update - Devilish Treasure - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Devilish Treasure - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v9.0) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. Clan Battle Royal
    - Be the last Clan standing! The [Clan Battle Royal] content has been newly updated.
    - Clan Battle Royal is an all-server, PvP content where Clans fight each other.
    - To participate, you must be at least Rebirth 5 Lv. 1, and joined in a Clan.
    - It is held every Monday and Thursday at 21:30~22:00.
    - If the total number of Clan members is less than 3, you cannot enter Clan Battle Royal.
    - If the Clan master leaves the waiting room, all Clan members are exited.

    <Clan Battle Royal Rules>
    - Up to 3 Clans can be matched in the Clan Battle Royal.
    - CP buffs and auto-battle cannot be used in the battlefield.
    - There are 4 phases: Entry, Peace, Battle, and Demonic.
    - You can exit during all stages of the event but will not receive rewards if exiting while alive. You can receive participation rewards if you exit after being killed.
    - After entering the battlefield, the bonus Max HP and Extra DMG of all Clan members is reduced to 1%.
    - When killed during Clan Battle Royal, you can press the observe button to watch the remainder of the event.

    ▶ Entry Phase Rules
    - In the Entry phase, characters are moved to the waiting room and prepare for battle.
    - If the Clan master leaves the waiting room, all Clan members are exited.
    - After waiting for 1 minute, the matching begins, and characters are moved to the battlefield.

    ▶ Peace Phase Rules
    - In the Peace phase Clans cannot fight each other.
    - The 'Life Seed' are generated on the map and can be collected.
    - At the start of the event, the resurrection count is 0. If you collect enough Life Seed, the resurrection count will increase.
    - Collected Life Seed increase the character's Max HP.
    - Collected Life Seed are counted as Clan total.
    - Generated Life Seed last for a minute and disappear after.

    ▶ Battle Phase Rules
    - In the Battle phase you are switched to PvP mode and can attack the opposing Clan.
    - If you die during PvP, your character revives in a random location away from the Divine Wrath zones.
    - If no revive chances are left, you can only observe.
    - In the Battle phase, Divine Wrath areas are activated in the battlefield.
    - Characters in the Divine Wrath area will take damage every second.
    - The Divine Wrath area gets larger as time progresses.
    - There are two buffs in the Battle phase, Demonic Rampage and Heaven's Blessing.
    - Heaven's Blessing can be acquired by collecting at random locations on the battlefield.
    - Heaven's Blessing can be accumulated up to 20 and does not disappear even if the character dies.
    - Heaven's Blessing does not respawn after being collected.
    - Each Clan member gets one stack of Demonic Rampage at the start of the Battle phase.
    - Demonic Rampage can be gained by killing opposing characters, along with healing HP.
    - Demonic Rampage can be accumulated up to 20 and is reset if the character dies.
    - If less than 6 characters remain in the battlefield when the Peace phase ends, the Battle phase is skipped and, the Demonic phase begins.

    ▶ Demonic Phase Rules
    - If less than 4 characters remain in the battlefield, the Whisper of the Demon is opened.
    - You can use unbound Diamonds to instantly acquire 20 stacks of Demonic Rampage through the Whisper of the Demon.
    - Demonic Rampage is reset if the character is killed.
    - If only 1 Clan survives, the Battle Royal ends.

    <Clan Battle Royal Rewards>
    - Daily Rewards
    # Individual first victory : Rewards are given after first individual kill.
    # Victory rewards : Victory rewards are given after winning the battle.
    # Participation rewards : Participation rewards are given after losing the battle.
    # Exclusive Accessory : [Warrior Emblem] is given after reaching 100 individual kills.

    - Season Rewards
    # Rankings are settled on the last day of the season at 24:00, and ranking rewards can be acquired according to the Clan point rankings.
    # If you leave the battlefield, you cannot receive rewards.
    # Clan members with no participation record cannot receive rewards.

    2. Devilish Treasure
    - A new battlefield, new treasures! The Devilish Treasure content has been newly updated.
    - Devilish Treasure is an all-server, real-time PVP Clan battle based on the Reverse system.
    - The event is held every Tuesday and Friday at 21:30~22:00, with a total of 5 rounds.

    ※ The first Season starts at July 15th, 2019.

    - Devilish Treasure is activated at Rebirth 5 Lv.1, and can be found at [Character > Clan > Clan Event > Devilish Treasure].
    - The Clan Master with Reverse Lv. 3 or higher can register and at least one other Clan member with Reverse Lv. 2 or higher is required.
    - You cannot register after the event has started.
    - After registering to the Devilish Treasure, you cannot disband the Clan, promote or expulse another Clan member.
    - There are 5 Clan ranks in Devilish Treasure, based on the acquired Clan points.

    # Bronze Rank : -
    # Silver Rank : Reach 200 Clan points.
    # Gold Rank : Reach 400 Clan points.
    # Dia Rank : Reach 600 Clan points.
    # Lord Rank : Reach 800 Clan points.

    - After achieving Lord Rank, Clan points will continue to be accumulated.
    - CP buffs and auto-battle features cannot be used in the battlefield.

    <Devilish Treasure Rules>
    - PvP is permitted in the battlefield, and killing an enemy will give battle points.
    - Buff guardians are on 3 locations within the battlefield.
    - Killing a Buff guardians will give buffs to all Clan members. As well as battle points to the individual.
    - Buffs will be maintained even when the character is killed.
    - There are 5 different Reverse buffs, and one of them will be randomly applied. The buff effects are as follows:
    # Nature : Nature DMG Penetration 20%, Nature Critical DMG Chance 20%, Nature Critical DMG 30%
    # Spirt : Spirit DMG Penetration 20%, Spirit Critical DMG Chance 20%, Spirit Critical DMG 30%
    # Light : Light DMG Penetration 20%, Light Critical DMG Chance 20%, Light Critical DMG 30%
    # Dark : Dark DMG Penetration 20%, Dark Critical DMG Chance 20%, Dark Critical DMG 30%
    # Chaos : Chaos DMG Penetration 20%, Chaos Critical DMG Chance 20%, Chaos Critical DMG 30%
    - The Clan with the most damage dealt to the BOSS is victorious.
    - If no damage is dealt to the BOSS for a certain amount of time, previously recorded damage is deleted.
    - If the BOSS is not killed within the event time, the Clan with the most battlefield points is victorious.
    - The victorious Clan acquires Clan points, and other Clans lose Clan points.

    <Devilish Treasure Rewards>
    ▶ Event Rewards
    - The daily first victory rewards are given according to the Clan rank.
    - Exceed Crystals are given as event rewards to all Clans and the quantity is differed according to the battle result.
    - The character that deals the final blow to the BOSS is given bonus items.
    - If the BOSS monster is not killed, the final blow bonus items will not be given.

    ▶ Season Rewards
    - Season rewards are sent by mail after the season is over.
    - Season rewards are given according to the Clan’s rank.
    - Special Titles can be acquired in Devilish Treasure:
    # All Clan members of the number 1 rank Clan : Title "Supreme Clan."
    # Individual kills leader : Title "Devilish Warlord."

    ※ The special Titles are deleted at the start of the next season.

    ▶ Achievement Rewards
    - Various awards are given for achieving personal goals.
    # Individual kills and participation, Buff guardian kills, Individual wins etc.

    ※ Achievements are reset every season, and unreceived rewards are deleted.

    3. Demonic Hallow
    - Strengthen your Reverse options! The Demonic Hallow content has been newly updated.
    - Demonic Hallow is activated upon completion of the main quest [Ancient Legend (1)] at Rebirth 10 Lv.1.
    - The detailed options for Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, and Demonic Eye are as follows:

    # Demonic Horn : All Reverse Type DMG, All Reverse Type Penetration, All Reverse Type Critical DMG Chance
    # Demonic Feather : All Reverse Type DEF, All Reverse Type Absorb DMG, Resist All Reverse Type Critical
    # Demonic Eye : Max HP, All Reverse Type Critical DMG, Resist All Reverse Type Critical DMG

    - There are 20 Tiers, and each Tier has 10 Star Grades.
    - After reaching 10 Star grades it can be evolved to the next Tier.
    - Enhance has a 100% success rate, and you can also get a critical effect at a certain chance.
    - Enhance gives additional options.
    - The materials required are Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, and Demonic Eye and the number required increases along with the Tier.
    - They can be earned at the Clan Arena Honor Shop and Clan Assault Honor Shop.

    4. Reverse Equipment Inject
    - Exceed equipment with special Crystals! The equipment Exceed content has been newly updated.
    - The Equipment Inject content is activated at Reverse Tier 1 Lv. 60.
    - Equipment that can be Injected are Helm, Armor, Pants, Gauntlet, Boots, Rings, Necklace, Sacred Relic, and Sacred Symbol.

    # DMG option parts : Rings, Necklace, Sacred Relic, Sacred Symbol.
    # DEF option parts : Helm, Armor, Pants, Gauntlet, Boots

    - Equipment Inject can be done two times a day for free.
    - Injecting additional Exceed Crystals increases the success rate. When the success rate becomes more than 10%, the Exceed button is activated.
    - After succeeding, the rate is reset to 0% and the Slot's Lv. is increased. Failure will decrease the success rate.
    - Exceed level remains regardless of switching equipment.
    - You must be wearing equipment to apply the options.
    - Also, a critical Exceed increases the Lv. by a higher rate.

    5. Clan Pet
    - Fight together with fantastic pets! The Clan Pet content has been newly updated.
    - It can be found at [Character > Clan > Clan Pet].
    - Clan Pet content can be opened by pressing the Activate button at [Clan > Clan Pet].
    - Clan Pets can be enhanced by using Clan Pet EXP Pack, and as the Lv. increases additional options are given.
    - Clan Pet disappears when you leave or disband a Clan, and returns at the same status after you rejoin a Clan.
    - In regular Dungeons and fields, the Clan Pet's normal options are applied, and in Clan events the Clan Pet's Clan options are applied.
    - Clan Pets can be Transformed to get a new exterior.
    - A Transformed Pet’s level can be increased to gain additional attributes.
    - In Pet Transform there are normal options and additional options. Normal options are applied when not Transformed, and both options are applied when Transformed.
    - After using Clan Pet feed, the Pet's status will be changed, and the basic options are strengthened for 7 days.

    # Normal Clan Pet Feed : All attributes of Clan Pet increased by 100%, lasts 1 week / Satisfied
    # Advanced Clan Pet Feed : All attributes of Clan Pet increased by 125%, lasts 1 week / Vigorous
    # Superior Clan Pet Feed : All attributes of Clan Pet increased by 150%, lasts 1 week / Excited

    - If you use Clan Pet Feed of a higher or same Grade, any previous attribute increases are erased, and the lasting time is reset.

    6. Hall of Clan
    - Become an Honored Clan! The Hall of Clan content has been newly updated.
    - It can be found at [Character > Clan > Hall of Clan].
    - Hall of Clan is divided into total Clan point rankings and season point rankings.
    - Total Clan point rankings are based on the Clan rankings for all accumulated seasons, and season point rankings are for the current season only.
    - Hall of Clan rankings are renewed every hour.
    - Clan points are acquired at Clan Chase, Clan Battle Royal, and Devilish Treasure.
    - Results for Devilish Treasure, Clan Battle Royal, Clan Chase are renewed after the battle is over.
    - Season rewards are Mount Costume, Clan Pet EXP Pack, Feather Piece, Bound Zen and etc. Season rankings are settled on the last day of the season at 24:00, and the rewards will be sent through mail.
    - After the season is over, 80% of the Clan points are included in the Total Clan points.

    7. Clan Activity Points
    - Achieve goals and be awarded! The Clan Activity Points content has been newly updated.
    - It can be found at [Character > Clan > Activity Points].
    - Clan Activity Points is measured over a week, and reset on Sunday at 24:00.
    # Logging in gives 5 points once a day, and is reset everyday at 24:00.

    - After acquiring a certain amount of activity points you can receive rewards.
    # Activity Points goals : Daily log-in, participating in Clan events, feeding Clan pet, etc.
    - Clan individual points and Clan Pet EXP Pack are given as rewards.
    - Clan Activity Points are reset on the last day at 24:00. Any unreceived rewards will also be cleared at this time, so please make sure to receive them in time.
    - Clan Points are not reset upon leaving a Clan. Clan Activity Points will remain until they are reset on the last day.
    - Use the acquired Clan individual points to exchange items at the Clan shop.

    8. Magic Broom
    - Add more powers to Muren’s Book! The Magic Broom content has been newly updated.
    - Magic Broom is opened upon reaching Muren's Book Tier 10.
    - It can be found at [Character > Muren’s Book > Magic Broom].
    - Enhancing Magic Broom permanently increases basic options.
    - There are 20 Tiers in Magic Boom, and each Tier has 10 Star Grades.
    - You must reach 10 Star Grades to evolve to the next Tier.
    - Enhance succeeds 100%, and a critical effect occurs at a certain chance.
    - Enhancing requires [Fountain of Magic], and evolving Tier requires [Strap of Magic]. Both items can be bought at the Clan Arena shop.
    - If materials are insufficient, unbound diamonds can be used instead.
    - Activating Mysterious Spell gives extra options to Magic Broom. Also, as the Magic Broom’s Tier is increased more options are given.

    # Available options : Resist Freeze, Resist Paralysis, Resist Slow, Resist Double Hit

    9. Clan Chase
    - Hunt and be hunted! The Clan Chase content has been newly updated.
    - Clan Chase is an all-server real-time PVP content that takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 21:30~22:00.
    - It can be found at [Clan Event > Clan Chase].

    ※ The first Season starts at July 15th, 2019.

    - The Clan Master Reverse Lv. 3 or higher can register if at least one other Clan member is Reverse Lv. 2 or higher.
    - Each event lasts 10 minutes.

    [Battlefield Rules]
    - After entering the battlefield, there is a 1minute waiting period.
    - PvP is allowed in the battlefield, and characters can be revived.
    - A monster is spawned randomly on the map, and the character that kills it will turn into a monster for 40 seconds.
    - Characters turned into monsters cannot attack.
    - Opposing characters can attack the monster that character has turned into, and also the character that has defeated the monster will turn into the monster.
    - If a character survives as a monster for 40 seconds, the given Clan is victorious. When no Clan manages to survive for 40 seconds until the battle is over, they will all lose.
    - The victorious Clan acquires Clan points, and other Clans lose Clan points.
    - Rankings are settled on the last day of the season at 24:00, and ranking rewards can be acquired according to the Clan point rankings.

    - Daily Rewards
    # First Victory Rewards : Receive after winning the battle for the first time.
    # Victory Rewards : Receive after winning the battle.
    # Participation Rewards : Receive after losing the battle.
    # Exclusive Accessory : If you reach 10 individual wins, "Chase Trophy" is given.

    - Season Rewards
    # At 24:00 on the last day of the season rankings are settled, and season ranking rewards distributed.
    # Clan members who haven't participated in the event can also acquire season ranking rewards.
    # Season rewards can be received until the end of the next season, and then will be deleted.
    # If the Clan points is 0 no rewards are given.

    10. Treasure Map
    - Earn various items through Treasure Map! The Treasure Map content has been newly updated.
    - Treasure Map has 3 types (Feather, Equipment, Material) and 3 grades (Normal, Advanced, Superior).
    - Normal Treasure Maps can be acquired randomly in EXP Dungeons.
    - Treasure Maps cannot be used in all-server maps.
    - There is a daily limit of uses in a day, and it increases according to the VIP Lv.
    - The daily limit is reset every day at 00:00.
    - Treasure Maps have character Lv. requirements according to grade:

    # Normal Treasure Maps : Above Rebirth 5 Lv. 1.
    # Advanced Treasure Maps : Above Rebirth 7 Lv. 1.
    # Superior Treasure Maps : Above Rebirth 10 Lv. 1.

    - After using the Treasure Map in the inventory, your character will move to the place where the treasure is hidden.
    - After excavation is complete, you will discover a treasure box, dungeon, or monster.
    - Clear the dungeon within the time limit to receive rewards.
    - Kill the monster to receive rewards. Upon discovering the monster, it will be protected from other characters for a certain amount of time.
    - 3 Treasure Maps of the same grade and type are required to craft higher grade, as well as unbound Zen. Higher grade Treasure Maps give better rewards, and can be crafted at [Character > Craft > Treasure Map].

    System improvement

    1. The Event Time of Certain Content has been Changed
    # Battlefield of Heroes - (Before) Tues/Fri 21:30 ~ 22:00 > (After) Wed/Fri 13:30 ~ 14:00
    # Battlefield of Emperor - (Before) Tues/Thurs 21:30 ~ 22:00 > (After) Tues/Thurs 13:30 ~ 14:00

    2. The Location of Crystal Mine/Colosseum has been Moved
    # Before : [Event > Crystal Mine/Colosseum]
    # After : [Event > Daily Event > Crystal Mine/Colosseum]

    3. Lucky Draw Storage Added
    - Items acquired at the Lucky Draw will now be sent to the storage.
    - If items are in the storage or the Lucky Draw's period is over, the storage button will be visible.

    4. Lucky Draw 10 consecutive draw added
    - You can now draw 10 times at once.

    5. Skill Cooldowns are Altered
    - When you cast a skill, cooldowns will be applied to other skills according to the casting time of the used skill.

    6. Spawning Time of Elite Monsters in Reverse Maps Changed.
    - Elite monsters will now spawn every 2 minutes at 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, and 22:00.

    7. Level Limit Increased
    - You can now reach 'Rebirth 17 Lv. 100.'

    8. The Cooldowns of Seizing the Tower in Loren's Caste and Land of Struggle Removed

    9. BOSS HP of All-Server Maps Increased

    10. The UI of Disassembling Awaken Stones is Optimized

    11. The Season Schedule of Clan Events will be Displayed

    12. The Rewards of Ragnarok, Companion Arena, Angel Temple, and Server Arena have been improved.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Devilish Treasure update!
    Clan Battle Royal
    Devilish Treasure
    Demonic Hallow
    Reverse Equipment Inject
    Clan Pet
    Hall of Clan
    Clan Activity Points
    Magic Broom
    Clan Chase
    Treasure Map