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[Notice] v7.0.2 now available for download on Android devices!

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  • [Notice] v7.0.2 now available for download on Android devices!


    Hello warriors,

    We would like to inform you that v7.0.2 for Android is now available on Play Store to be downloaded.

    The issues that have been fixed along with the v7.0.2 update are as follows:
    1) The CP Buff button appearing in the Clan Arena
    2) The CP Buff button not working in various Dungeons
    3) Chat messages over 64 letters cannot be entered
    4) Unable to purchase Super Deal products on AOS devices
    5) Screen ratio optimization for high definition devices

    All warriors on Android will have to download the newest version upon next login to play the game.

    For iOS players, again we will have to ask for your patience, and we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

    To release an updated version on Apple App Store, all apps have to pass through Apple's review.
    We found the game access issue on iOS devices right after the update, and submitted an updated version for the review on the same day.
    However, the review process is taking longer than usual this time.

    We promise that we will release the updated version as soon as it is ready.
    Also, we promise that we will keep you updated via the announcement linked down below.

    ▶[Notice] Regarding the issues after the Reverse update

    We thank you very much for playing MU Origin, and truly sorry for the inconvenience.
    We will send out the compensations once the issues are resolved.

    MU Origin

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    Thanks for the update Marce, but still, this information should have been available to us from the very start. It felt like i got angry to the wrong person.
    So, basically, we are only waiting for Apple right now? Is there any update from Apple`s side?