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  • MU Origin Update - Reverse - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v7.0) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. Reverse

    - Enjoy new maps and new equipment with the newly updated Reverse contents!
    - The Reverse contents is opened upon completion of the quest [Ancient Legend(1)].
    - You must also meet the following conditions.
    # Rebirth 10 Lv. 1, CP 12 million, Wings, Roch Feather, Griffin Feather Max, and total Feather level 600
    - You can enter the Reverse maps at [Character > Reverse > Dark Land] or [Map > All Server > Dark Land (Reverse)]
    - You will be given a Tier 1 Rare equipment set upon activating Reverse.
    - Only Reverse items can be used in the Reverse maps.
    - In channel 1, you can fight other characters freely. (The Bounty system will not be applied.)

    <Reverse Level>
    - Reverse level is applied in Reverse maps, and it is totally independent from your original level.
    - Your initial Reverse level is 1.
    - Reverse experience is required to increase Reverse level.
    - The Reverse level has 3 Tiers, and each Tier has a level limit. If you do not Evolve the Tier, you cannot reach the next level.
    - The maximum level for each Tier are 60, 140, and 240.
    - Even if you have reached the maximum level, experience is still accumulated and can be used afterwards.
    - The conditions for Tier Evolve are as follows.
    # Tier 1 : Rebirth 10 Lv. 1, CP 12 million, Wings, Roch Feather, Griffin Feather Max, and total Feather level 600
    # Tier 2 : Reverse level 60, Achievement Title: Creator, Fame Division: MG
    # Tier 3 : Reverse level 140, CP 20 million, Muren's Book Tier 15 Lv. 10

    <Reverse Experience>
    - Reverse Experience can only be gained in Reverse maps, by killing monsters or Disassembling Reverse equipment.
    - However, there is a daily limit of experience that can be obtained through both monster kills and Disassembling.
    - The limit is reset at 0:00 every day.
    - The daily Reverse experience obtain limit can be viewed at [Character>Stat>Reverse Option].
    - You can gain experience buffs by using Reverse Seal of Ascension

    2. Reverse Emblem and Types
    - Apply special types to Reverse!
    - Emblem points are gained through Reverse Enhance or increasing the Reverse level.
    - Light, Dark, Nature, Chaos, Spirit are the 5 types in Reverse maps.
    # Light Emblem : Light DMG is added when attack, Additional Absorb Dark DMG
    # Dark Emblem : Dark DMG is added when attack, Additional Absorb Nature DMG
    # Nature Emblem : Nature DMG is added when attack, Additional Absorb Chaos DMG
    # Chaos Emblem : Chaos DMG is added when attack, Additional Absorb Spirit DMG
    # Spirit Emblem : Spirit DMG is added when attack, Additional Absorb Light DMG
    - Among these Emblems, you can select two.
    - The effects of the two Emblems will revolve around the Character.
    - Each Emblem consists of 1 main Emblem and 3 sub Emblems.
    - Use Emblem points to increase the level of Emblems.
    - The maximum level of sub Emblems is 180, and the Main Emblem's is 37.
    - Emblem reset requires unbound Diamonds.
    - Each monster in the Reverse map has a weakness.
    - Each class has a unique type Critical DMG, which is increased according to the Tier of the type.
    - The class unique types are as follows.
    # Dark Night : Light, Dark Wizard : Chaos, Elf : Nature, Magic Knight : Dark, Summoner : Spirit

    3. Reverse Equipment
    - In Reverse maps only Reverse equipment can be used.
    - You will be given a Tier 1 Rare equipment set upon activating Reverse.
    - Reverse equipment are not divided by class, but each class will have a different exterior when wearing the equipment.
    - In the case of Magic Knights, the equipment exterior and skills are altered according to your stats.
    - The attributes of Reverse equipment are as follows.
    # Attack attributes : Both Rings, Necklace, Relic, Sacred Treasure
    # Defense attributes : Helm, Armor, Gauntlet, Boots, Pants
    - There are 3 Tiers in Reverse equipment.
    # Tier 1 - Blood Angel, Tier 2 - Brave Angel, Tier 3 - Storm Angel
    - The Tier of Reverse equipment can be upgraded by using Reverse Exceed points, Reverse Enhance points and Reverse Transmute points.
    - Each equipment has requirements to equip.
    - You can acquire Reverse experience by disassembling Reverse equipment.
    - You can retrieve the inserted stones by disassembling Reverse equipment.

    4. Reverse Exceed
    - Become stronger by Enhancing Reverse equipment, and inserting stones.
    - In Reverse Exceed you can add new slots, Craft and insert stones, and Enhance your equipment.

    <Reverse Stones>
    - The two types of stones that can be inserted are Glory Stones and Reverse Stones.
    - Every equipment has slots that can be opened.
    - Glory Stone can only be inserted in the Sacred Relics and the slot for Glory Stone is opened.
    - There are Attack and Defense options in Reverse Stones, and the option is applied based on the inserted equipment's type.
    - There are 3 types of Glory Stones, and options are activated according to the total level of inserted Reverse Stones.
    - The highest grade of Glory Stone is 6, and the highest level of Reverse Stone is 10.

    <Adding Slots and Inserting Reverse Stones>
    - Reverse Stones can be inserted in the Reverse equipment by opening the slots.
    - To insert Reverse Stones
    - Use the item Meister Tool to add slots.
    - Meister Tool can be obtained by killing Elite monsters or bought at the shop.
    - There are 3 grades in slots which are assigned randomly.
    - The Reverse Stone's options are multiplied according to the grade of the slot.
    # Rare = option x1 , Epic = option x1.5, Epic(6 options) = option x2
    - The slot's grade can be altered using Meister Tool, but the slots with highest grade can't be changed.
    - The maximum number of slots is different according to the item's Tier.
    - The slot's highest grade that can be acquired is as same as the grade of the equipment.
    - Inserted Reverse Stones that can later be retrieved.

    ※ Inserting Reverse Stones in equipment will bound them.

    <Crafting Stones>
    - You can Craft Reverse Stones at [Reverse > Reverse Exceed]

    1. Glory Stone
    - 3 Glory Stones with same grade are used to craft a Glory Stone of a higher Tier.
    - The first selected Glory Stone is presented as the main stone, and its Tier will be increased after the combine.
    - The Glory Stones do not have to be the same type, but they must be in same Grade.
    - There is no chance of failure.
    - Glory Stones can be earned by using 'Glory Stone Bag', a 1st~2nd place reward for killing Reverse BOSS.

    2. Reverse Stone
    - You can Craft or Disassemble Reverse Stones in the Reverse Stone journal.
    - Reverse Stones can be Crafted using Prime Gem, Reverse Gem and Glory Gem.
    - Disassembling Reverse Stones will give you Prime Gem, Reverse Gem and Glory Gem.
    - Reverse Stones can be gained by using 'Tier 1 Reverse Stone Chest,' earned by killing Reverse BOSS.

    <Equipment Enhance>
    - There are 3 Tiers in Reverse equipment, and it can be upgraded through enhance.
    - Reverse Exceed Points, Reverse Enhance Points, Reverse Transmute Points are needed for Enhance.
    - Equipment and materials used in Enhance cannot be retrieved.
    - Enhance has a sucess rate and even if it fails the equipment will not be destroyed.
    - Stones inserted in equipment are transferred to Enhanced equipment.

    5. Clan
    - A new social feature! The Ultimate team play Clan contents has been added.
    - Creating a Clan costs unbound diamonds.
    - You must be Rebirth 5 Lv. 1 to join a Clan, and a Clan can have up to 5 members.
    - A Clan consists of a Clan master and 4 members.
    - You can invite friends to your Clan.

    6. Clan Arena
    - Go beyond the Arena! 5 vs 5 Clan battle 'Clan Arena' has been added.
    - Clan Arena is an all-server event to have battle with other servers.
    - To participate in the Clan Arena, the character must join or create a Clan.
    - To participate in the Clan Arena, the number of Clan members should be total 5 including the Clan Master.
    - Clan Arena is held at 18:00 ~ 24:00 every day and every 5 Clan members should be online to proceed event.
    - The matching starts when every Clan members accepts the invitation Clan Master has sent.
    - After the matching succeed entering the Clan Arena begins.
    - The 5vs5 battle ends when all members of one Clan are defeated.
    # If your Character is defeated during the battle, you can only observe until the battle is over.
    # If neither Clan is defeated until the time ends, both Clan losses.
    # When the Clan wins, Clan rank points are reduced based on the Clan's rank.
    # In the battle arena all types of potions and buffs cannot be used.
    # When the character is defeated, the character can only observe until the end of the battle.
    # Bronze 1 ~ 5 rank Clan's points will not be reduced when lost.
    # Clan Honor points can be acquired up to 5 times a day in the Clan Arena regardless of the result of the battle.
    - Clan rank has 5 grades and 5 ranks the rank are as follows.
    # Dia 1~5 rank, Crystal 1~5 rank, Gold 1~5 rank, Silver 1~5 rank, Bronze 1~5 rank
    - Clan rank is reset at every 03:00.
    - The acquired Clan Honor points can be exchanged with rare items and the daily exchange limit is reset at every 03:00.
    - Clan ranking is decided based on the Clan rank and rank points, and the rewards get better as the rank gets higher.
    - The Clan ranking, winning rate, serial win is reset on every 1st of the month at 03:00, and the rewards are sent based on the ranking.
    - To claim ranking rewards, the character needs to participate at least 4 Clan Arena matches and the records of the Clan Arena matches are deleted when the character leaves the Clan.

    7. Clan Assault
    - Go beyond the Arena! 5 vs 5 Clan battle 'Clan Assault' has been added.
    - Clan Assault is a Clan battle All server event.
    - On the 1st day of every month at 3:00 am, the top 64 Clans of the Clan Arena are granted rights to participate in the Clan Assault.
    - If the participating Clan is not enough then some matches will not proceed.
    # If there are less than 32 Clans for Round of 64, the match will not proceed and will move on to the Round of 32 at 14:20.
    # If the match has begun but the opponent is absent, the Clan will automatically be promoted to the next round.
    - The Clan Assault starts on the 9th day of every month from 14:00 ~ 16:00, and the detailed match time is as followed.
    # Round of 64 : 14:00 / Round of 32 : 14:20 / Round of 16 : 14:40 / Round of 8 : 15:00 / Semi-Final : 15:20 / Final : 15:40.
    - At the designated time an entry message is sent to each Clan member and accepting them will start the match.
    - Clan Assault can be entered for 1 min from the start and can't enter after that limited time.
    - Clan members can't be changed during the Clan event.
    # After entering the Clan Assault, the 5vs5 battle begins. The fight ends when all members of one Clan are defeated.
    # If neither Clan is defeated during the given battle time, the Clan with the higher Clan Arena ranking in the previous month wins.
    # The Clan is promoted to the next round by winning the battle, or if the opposing Clan does not enter.
    # If both Clans did not participate, the Clan with the higher Clan Arena ranking in the previous month is promoted.
    # In the battlefield all types of potions and buffs as well as auto-combat system cannot be used.

    <Clan Assault Cheer>
    - From 3:00 am of the 1st day of each month to 14:00 pm of the 9th day, you can choose and cheer a Clan.
    - You can cheer up to two Clans, and the used unbound Zen will not be returned.
    - If a Clan you cheered goes to the semi-finals or beyond, you will gain cheer rewards.
    # Semi-finals : 10 Clan Cheer points / 2nd place : 20 Clan Cheer points / 1st place : 40 Clan Cheer points
    - The Clan Cheer points can be exchanged with rare items in the Clan Assault shop.

    <Clan Assault Reward>
    - After the champion is decided, rewards are given based on the final rankings.
    - All members of the 1st place Clan will be given a special title "King of Glory"
    # Rewards are sent to the inventory, and the Title can be checked on the Title tab.
    # Titles are given to all Clan members and disappears when leaving the Clan.
    # The Title lasts for certain amount of time and will be expired when the winner of the next Clan Assault is decided.
    - To receive the Clan rewards you must participate in the Clan Assault at least once and leaving the Clan will reset your participation records.

    8. Mount Emblem
    - Upgrade your Mount! New Mount Emblem System has been added.
    - Mount Emblems are opened upon completion of quest [New Friend] at Rebirth 3 Lv. 60 along with the Mount system.
    - There are total 6 part of the Mount Emblem and 3 grade of Magic, Rare, Epic.
    - When Mount Emblem system is activated, one slot is opened and additional slots are opened up to 6 slots according to the Mount's level.
    - The number of Mount Emblem's excellent options are differed by the grade of the Mount Emblem.
    - The Mount Emblems' level can be increased by using other Mount Emblems or Mount Emblem Soul item as material.
    - Epic Mount Emblems, increasing its level will give additional excellent options.
    - Mount Emblem has 3 types of [Violence of Rage], [Thunder of Destruction], [Darkness of Death] and set option is applied for every 2, 4, 6 Emblems of the same type.
    - Mount Emblems with same type has same options for each part.

    9. New All-Server Area for Rebirth 16, 'Secret Ruins'
    - Another all-server area, Secret Ruins for over Rebirth 16 has opened.
    - Secret Ruins can be entered through [Map > All-Server Map > Secret Ruins].

    10. New Ritual 'Ritual of Lava' added
    - Ritual is an event for the players that have joined the Corps to receive rewards by completing quests for an event period.
    - Only the players that has joined the Corps can participate in the Ritual event through [Ritual] menu.
    # During the Special event period, you can enter Ritual system through [Special Event > Ritual] menu.
    ※ Ritual event begins on 2019 April 29th (Mon) at 00:00.

    System improvement

    1. "Slide to unlock the Battery Save mode" added
    - To save the mobile phone's batteries, Battery Save Mode has been added.
    - The game will enter battery save mode when there is no control for a certain amount of time.

    2. Title Preview improvement
    - Title Preview is added at [Title]. Now multiple Titles from various events can be viewed at once at [Title > Title Preview].

    3. Mount Journal System Adjustment
    - Unbound Mounts acquired from auction and trades will not activate the Mount Journal.
    - Mount Journal is only activated when a bound Mount is acquired.

    4. Angel Temple Reward Added
    - To the character that has dealt the most damage to the Angel Temple Boss monster when the Boss monster is defeated, an additional reward 'Wings of Galaxy Piece' is given.
    - The 'Wings of Galaxy Piece' item can be exchanged with Wings of Galaxy during the Special events.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Force update!
    Reverse Evolve
    Reverse Emblem
    Reverse Exceed
    Reverse Boss
    Reverse Rankings
    Reverse Map
    Mount Emblem
    Clan Arena
    Clan Assault

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