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MU Origin Update - Force Fight - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Force Fight - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v5.0) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. Immortal Shield

    - Defending enemies' attacks new system 'Immortal Shield' has been added.
    - Immortal Shield opens upon completion of the main quest [Fracture] after Rebirth 10 Lv. 20.
    - You can use Immortal Shield system through [Character > Immortal Shield].
    - Immortal Shield can be enhanced with Immortal Essence, Immortal Jewel and Unbound Diamonds.
    - Immortal Shield and Immortal Jewel can be acquired through Mighty Force Shop.
    - Immortal Shield can be enhanced up to Tier 20.
    - Each Tier of Immortal Shield has 10 Star Grades.
    ※ Immortal Shield's basic options can be checked in the Character option preview.

    2. Pet Awake
    - Enhancing Pets' Elemental options, 'Pet Awake' system has been added.
    - Pet Awake system opens upon completion of the main quest [Seeking Peace] after Rebirth 10 Lv. 20.
    - You can access to the Pet Awake system through [Character > Pet > Pet Awake] menu.
    - Only one of the three types can be chosen for Pet Awake at a time to awaken the equipped Pet.
    - Pet Awake system has three types: Awake Light, Awake Frost and Awake Fog.
    # Awake Light : Fire, Lightning Element
    # Awake Fog : Wind, Water Element
    # Awake Frost : Earth, Ice Element
    - You can enhance each type's Elemental DMG and Penetration options.
    - You will need Light Essence, Fog Essence, Frost Essence, Nature Stone and Elemental Awaken Essence to enhance the options and enhance limit of the options are Lv. 20.
    # Light Essence : Used to enhance Light Awake. Can be exchanged at Platina Force Shop.
    # Fog Essence : Used to enhance Fog Awake. Can be exchanged at Blackfire Force Shop.
    # Frost Essence : Used to enhance Frost Awake. Can be exchanged at Icy Castle Force Shop.
    # Nature Stone : Used to enhance all types of Awake. Can be exchanged at Verdie Force Shop.
    # Elemental Awaken Essence : Used to enhance all types of Awake over Lv. 15. Can be acquired during the Force Fight.
    - When the both Elemental DMG and Penetration options reach every 4 levels, the additional options are activated.
    - When the enhance fails, the level gets down. But if you use the Jewel of Guardian the level is guarded.

    3. Force War
    - Massive PvP among Forces, 'Force War' system has been added.
    - Force War opens between every Saturday 19:00 ~ 19:30.
    - During the event hour, battlefields of High Castle, Verdie, Platina, Blackfire and Icy Castle open.
    - Force members can select a battlefield to participate.
    - Also, they can change the battlefield anytime during the event period.
    - If the participant limit has been reached, you might have to stand by to enter the battlefield.
    - Forces cannot be changed during the Force War.

    <Battlefield Rules>
    - Each battlefield has 7 capture points, and each point has a capture progress gauge.
    - Every time the capture point is occupied, the percentage increases.
    - When the flag is posted on the flag post by a Force, the point becomes occupied by the Force.
    - You can attack other Force's flag and can post your Force's flag when it is destroyed.
    - The Force that has the most capture percentage at the end conquers the battlefield. And the conquered status is maintained until the next Force War begins.

    <Ranking Rules>
    - The rank is decided based on each Force's occupying rate of the battlefield.
    - When a single Force occupies several points in the same battlefield, the capture percentage is accumulated. The rank for each battlefield is decided based on the battlefield's total capture percentage.
    - The Force that has the most capture percentage in the battlefield conquers the battlefield.
    - You can achieve points when you defeat members of other Forces or by attacking the other Forces' flag. The rank is decided based on the accumulated points. The points are accumulated even though the battlefield is changed.
    - The basic rewards get better as the rank gets higher.
    - Ranking is reset before the next Force War begins.

    <Reward Rules>
    - Mount Treasure Chests, Bound Diamonds and Bound Zen can be acquired as the Force War participation rewards.
    - The rewards may differ depends on the time when they were claimed and the rank.
    # Force Grade rewards are only available to be claimed between Sat. 19:30 ~ Sun. 23:55.
    - Each battlefield has an exclusive shop and the shops can be accessed during the conquering period.
    - The Force that has conquered the most battlefields can have exclusive access to the special shop.

    - When the Force War commander enters the battlefield, all Force members acquire the special buff.
    - An exclusive buff is applied to the Commander.
    - Commanders are the Highlord, Warlord and Champion characters of each Force.

    4. New All-Server Area for Rebirth 15, 'Grim Cave'
    - Another all-server area, Grim Cave for over Rebirth 15 has opened.
    - Grim Cave can be entered through [Map > All-Server Map > Grim Cave].

    5. New Ritual 'Ritual of Earth' added
    - Ritual is an event for the players that have joined the Corps to receive rewards by completing quests for an event period.
    - Only the players that has joined the Corps can participate in the Ritual event through [Ritual] menu.
    # During the Special event period, you can enter Ritual system through [Special Event > Ritual] menu.
    ※ Ritual event began on 2018 December 10th (Mon) at 00:00.

    6. New Costume, Pet and Mount added
    - Holiday Party Costume (Costume)
    - Snowstorm (Pet)
    - Thunder Bullet (Mount)
    *Each item can be drawn from the Epic Chest, Pet Capture and Mount Capture.
    *Holiday Party Costume can be only drawn for a limited period. (~01/08/19)

    System improvement

    1. Tarot card system improvement

    - Tarot cards can now be used when you have less amount than requirement for upgrade.
    - The used Tarot card will be disappeared from the inventory. The increased amounts can be checked on the Tarot Card system and used for enhancing.

    2. Chat system renewal
    - To improve chatting during the game play, the chat system has been renewed.
    - For better recognition of a whispering, additional tab for whisper has been added.

    3. 2 new achievements added
    - Main quest achievement 'Act - Abyss Temple' has been added.
    - Main quest achievement 'Act - Grim Cave' has been added.
    - New achievements have better rewards than the previous achievements.

    4. New materials for Alchemy system added
    - Condor Feather and Condor Flame items can now be used as a material in Alchemy system.

    5. In-game icon renewal
    - In-game icons have been renewed.

    6. Disassemble system improvement
    - Gem exchange button can be checked in the equipment disassemble screen.
    - Show Pet button can be checked in the Pet disassemble screen.
    - View Mount button can be checked in the Mount disassemble screen.

    7. Party distribute setting adjustment
    - Free distribute setting has been deleted
    - Party random distribute and DMG base distribute setting has been added.

    8. New systems added
    - You can now view other warrior's Mount information.
    - Not notify setting has been added in the Rebirth screen.

    9. Map renewals
    - Lorencia, Noria and Devias maps are renewed.

    10. System max level increased
    - Following system's max level has increased.
    # Feather in Wing system : Increased from Tier 9 to Tier 11. 'Advanced Feather Medal' item is need to evolve the Tier.
    # Guardian in Journal system : Increased from Tier 10 to Tier 12. 'Advanced Guardian Medal' item is need to evolve the Tier.
    # Relic system : Increased from Tier 9 to Tier 12. 'Advanced Relic Medal' is need to evolve the Tier.

    11. Auto Seed Enhance option improvement
    - Auto Seed Enhance with Zen option has been added.

    12. Seed option for Mount Equipment added
    - Seed option for Mount Equipment has been added.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Force update!
    Pet Awake

    Force War
    Immortal Shield

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