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MU Origin Update - Fortress - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Fortress - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v2.6) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. Improvement in Domain System

    - Domain system has been reworked, and new resource Buildings and more activities are available in the Domain.
    # Develop buildings by using Energy Cores, and gain more resources. Worker are no longer needed for building development.
    # The required developing time and the quantity of outcome vary depends on the sort of the Energy Core used for development.
    # Energy Cores can be acquired through Fortress quests.
    - Three new buildings; Ruins, Fortress, and Duelfield are added for various Domain activities.
    - New buildings can be reached by swiping the screen in the Domain.

    2. Fortress
    - Place your Pets in the Fortress to defeat Bosses and completing quests.

    [Fortress Boss]
    - The Fortress Boss can be spawned for free once a day. Additional spawn consumes unbound Diamonds.
    - The Raid begins upon clicking the [Raid] button after spawning the boss. the Raid count is deducted as the Raid starts.
    # Fortress Boss Raids can be proceeded 10 times daily. The Raid count resets every day at 00:00.
    - 3 battles on the Raids can be proceeded for free daily.
    # Additional battles require unbound Diamonds.
    - Selecting the Suggested pets on the Raid will increase the damages dealt to the boss.
    - The rewards can be received for every battle.
    - When the boss is defeated, or the raid time expires, the players who participated in the Raid can claim rewards.
    The higher total damage dealt to the boss, the more rewards can be received.
    - Players can support the Boss Raids that friends and Guild members have spawned.
    # Raid Support per Boss is limited to one.
    # Raid Support rewards can be claimed maximum 10 times a day. Support rewards are not granted from the 11th Raid.

    [Fortress Quest]
    - Fortress quests can be proceeded with the Pets placed in your Fortress.
    - The success rate of Fortress quests can be increased by selected Pets' levels, the number of excellent options and by placing suggested Pets.
    - Fortress quests can be proceeded 10 times daily, and the daily quest count resets every day at 00:00.
    - Fortress quests can be refreshed with 'Refresh Quest' button.
    # The quests that are in progress or ready to claim completion rewards cannot be refreshed.
    # The quests can be refreshed every 2 hours for free or immediately by consuming unbound Diamonds.
    - The Fortress quest rewards are Energy Cores, Elemental Stone and Ruins Points.
    # The rewards can still be partially claimed even though the quest fails.

    3. Duelfield
    - The Duelfield is where you can capture slaves by winning Duels and acquire rewards by sending them for Labor.
    - You can challenge other warriors in the same rebirth and enslave by defeating them.

    - Only the players in the same Rebirth are matched. Matching consumes bound Zen.

    [Capturing Slaves]
    - By winning matches in the Duelfield, you can capture the loser as your slave.
    - If the opponent is being captured by another warrior, you have to battle the master to take him/her over.
    - Maximum 4 slaves can be captured by a player.
    - All characters can be enslaved by other players.
    - Slaves can be released by [Release].
    - Duels can be participated for Slave capture 10 times a day.
    # You can participate in an additional Duel after reaching the daily counts by consuming unbound Diamonds.

    - Slaves can be sent for Labor. The Labor rewards are given both to the Slaves and the masters.
    - After Labor, Slaves need 5 min(s) of rest. the slaves cannot be sent for Labor during the rest.
    - You can send your Slaves for Labor 10 times a day.

    [Rescue & Revenge]
    - You can challenge other players to rescue friends and Guild members who have been enslaved.
    - Rescue can only be done 10 times a day.
    # You can try an extra Rescue after reaching the daily counts by consuming unbound Diamonds.
    - If you are captured as a Slave, you can attempt to escape through Revenge.
    - For success in Rescue and Revenge, the Duel against the master must be won.

    4. Ruins
    - Ruins Point acquired from the Fortress can be exchanged with Ruins Rune Points at [Domain > Ruins].
    - The Ruins Rune Point is consumed to activate the Ruins. Activating a Ruins will increase character stats.
    - Activated Ruins can be reset by consuming the Ruins Point Reset Ticket or unbound Diamonds.

    5. Emblem
    - Emblems can now be enhanced and evolved via Emblem system.
    - Emblem opens upon completion of the main quest [The Origin of the Darkness] after 8 Rebirth Lv. 1.
    - Emblem can be evolved up to Tier 10 and each Tier has 10 Enhance levels.
    - An Emblem can be evolved to the next Tier when it reaches Lv.10.
    # To enhance Emblems, Emblem Light is required. Character stats increase upon Enhance.
    # To evolve Emblems, Emblem Guardian is required. Character stats and Emblem effects increase upon Evolve.
    # Emblem Light and Emblem Guardian can be purchased through the Dice Shop and the Guild Shop.
    - When the Emblem Tier reaches 1, 2, 5, and 8, Extra Emblem effects are activated.

    6. Alchemy
    - Alchemy is a system where you can exchange resources like Gem, Achievement, Star Essence etc. into a whole new resource called Alchemy Point.
    - Alchemy opens upon completion of the main quest [Prologue] after 13 Rebirth Lv. 1.
    - Each resource's exchange rate is different.
    - you can randomly increase stats like Max HP/ Attack DMG/ DEF/ Accuracy/ Evade/ Reduce DMG/ Steal Hp/ Reflect DMG with Alchemy Points.
    - Alchemizing instantly consumes Alchemy Points.
    ※ Once resources are exchanged to Alchemy Point, it cannot be returned.

    7. New All-server Area for Rebirth 13, East Akeron
    - Another all-server area, East Akeron for over Rebirth 13 has opened.
    - East Akeron can be entered through [Map > All-Server Map > East Akron].

    8. Tier 13 Equipment
    - Tier 13 equipment for all Classes has been added.
    - Tier 13 equipment can be acquired with certain chances using Tier 12 equipment, Transcendence points, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, and Immemorial Crystal.
    - Immemorial pieces can be crafted at [Craft > Immemorial Crystal].
    - Ancient Crystals and Immemorial Crystals can be acquired in the EXP dungeons above 11 Rebirth.

    9. Guild League

    - Guild League is an all-server scale league to decide the best Guild of the MU Continent.
    - The League has Minor League and Major League. And based on the Minor League results, rankers are promoted to the Major League.
    - The battles are held in a special battlefield called Olympus by capturing the Temple and the flags.

    ※ The Guild League can be registered and participated by [Guild > Guild Event].
    ※ The Guild League menu will be accessible after July 2nd, the opening day of the League.

    - The Guild masters of Guild Lv.6 or higher can register for the Guild League.
    - The Guilds that have already advanced to the Major League and that will be promoted to the Major League don't require registration to participate.
    - Minor League hours : Monday and Tuesday 20:30 ~ 21:00
    - Major League hours : Saturday and Sunday 20:30 ~ 21:00
    - Registration ends 30 min(s) before each round begins.
    - The Guilds that are participating or will be participating in the Major League can't be disbanded both automatically or manually.
    - The Guilds that have registered to the Guild League can't be disbanded until the League ends.
    - The Guilds that are participating in the Guild League can't kick out or approve new Guild members.

    [Battle Rules]
    - The battles of the Guild League are held in a map including 4 flags, Olympus, and the separated Temple.
    - The Guild that occupies the Temple in the end of the event wins. If neither Guilds occupy the Temple, the one with more points gained wins.
    - If the Guild has captured flags in the Olympus, the character will resurrect on the flag.

    [Temple Occupation Rules]
    - The Temple is unoccupied in the beginning of the event. The Guild that enters the Temple first occupies it.
    - If members of the both Guilds are in the Temple, the occupation status does not change.
    - If there is no one in the Temple, the temple immediately becomes unoccupied.
    - There is no portal to exit inside the Temple. Capturing the Temple will need some strategies.
    - All characters entered in the Temple are attacked by the Judgmental Lightning every 5 seconds. And the damage of the Judgmental Lightning gets stronger as the time character spends in the Temple gets longer.
    - When the flags or the Temple in Olympus is captured, battle points can be acquired. A buff that decreases the damage of Judgmental Lightning can also be acquired depending on the occupation status.

    [Minor League Rules]
    - Each season of the Minor League includes 8 rounds and, a season takes 4 weeks. Matching is randomly made among all-server Guilds.
    - Ranking points are given based on the victories and defeats of each round. Ranking is decided based on the Ranking points.
    - In the first season of the Guild League, top 8 Guilds are promoted to the Major League from the Minor League. From the second season, top 2 Guilds advance to the Major League.

    [Major League Rules]
    - Each season of the Major League includes 7 rounds, and a season takes 4weeks.
    - The Major League matches are held in a tournament way. Each Guild meets and competes every contestant. 2 Guilds in the lowest rank are demoted to the Minor League, and can't participate in the Major League next season. The number of victories decides the rank.

    [Hall of Honor]
    - In the Hall of Honor, the outstanding Guilds and MVPs from the Guild League are listed.
    - Following table includes the details about the Hall of Fame.

    [Guild League Rewards]
    - There are 4 kind of rewards that can be claimed under certain conditions.

    - League Champion Rewards
    # Following table is the rewards for the Guild master and the Guild members that win the League.

    - Exclusive Accessory
    # Exclusive Accessory can be acquired when the requirements are fulfilled.

    - Season Reward
    # The Guild that has participated in the League battles at least once in a season can claim rewards.
    # The season rewards can only be claimed once each season.

    - Battle Reward
    # After every battle, the characters that have enter the battlefield can claim rewards depending on their battle contribution.

    10. Oracle System
    - Oracle is a system where you can achieve and equip Runes to enhance skills.
    - Oracle opens upon completion of the main quest [Hero's Soul] after 11 Rebirth Lv. 1.

    - Oracle is gradually activated based on the required Oracle stats.
    - Maximum three Oracles can be equipped to enhance a skill.
    - The Oracle's effect is automatically activated when the activate condition is fulfilled.

    - Rune can be acquired for free once a day. It can also be acquired by consuming unbound Diamonds.
    - Each Rune has Oracle stats and basic stats that increase character's CP.
    - There are three types of Runes; Peace, Chaos, and Balance.
    - Rune Dusts are used to create new Runes. It can be acquired by disassembling Runes.
    - Embedded Runes' total Oracle stats activate the Oracles.

    [Rune Page]
    - Maximum 8 Runes can be inserted for each type. (Total 24 Runes per page)
    - Each Rune Page can be set differently for your convenience. Strategically set each page and switch them to maximize its power. (The Oracles for each Rune Page changes along with it.)

    System improvement

    1. Second Sub Character Creation Available

    - First Sub Character requires 1,500 unbound Diamonds, and the second requires 3,000 unbound Diamonds for creation.
    - Once Sub Character is created, it cannot be changed to another class or be deleted.
    - Check more details about the Sub Character in the FAQ.

    2. System Improvement in Accessory
    - The stats of all activated Accessories are now accumulated and applied to Character's CP though they are unequipped.
    - Please note the Accessory Slots' level-up effects and Accessory set effects are only activated when they are equipped.

    3. Soul Stone Inventory Expansion
    - The Soul Stone inventory has been expanded from 100 to 220.

    4. Lv.11~12 Soul Stones added
    - Lv.11 and Lv.12 Soul Stones have been newly added.

    5. Ranking Rewards Renewal
    - The ranking rewards for Arena, Server Arena, Ragnarok, and Companion Arena have been renewed.

    1) Arena
    - Various Jewel Sets have been added to the rewards.

    2) Server Arena
    - The quantity of the rewards 'Bound Diamonds', 'Griffin Feather', ' Condor Flame' has increased.
    - 'Pirate Costume', 'Party Costume', 'Special Wild Beast Package' items have been added to the rewards.

    3) Ragnarok
    - 'Star Medallion', 'Jet Wings', 'Flame Wings' items have been added to the rewards.

    4) Companion Arena
    - The quantity of the rewards 'Bound Diamonds' has increased.
    - 'Sweet Heart Wings', 'Cupid Wings' items have been added to the rewards.

    6. Max Character level Raise.
    - Character's max level has raised to 14 Rebirth Lv.100.

    7. Highest Floor expanded in Endless Tower
    - The highest floor of Endless Tower has increased to 150th.
    - You must be 14 Rebirth or higher to enter 141st ~ 150th floor of Endless Tower.

    8. First Purchase Rewards Renewal
    - Now you can acquire higher Tier equipment by purchasing Diamonds for the First time!
    - Tier 5 Epic weapon(+7) and Tier 5 Epic equipment set await you.

    9. VIP Lv.13~15 Added and VIP Gifts Renewed

    - If the Purchase conditions for VIP 13~15 has been already accomplished, the new VIP levels will automatically applied.
    - When the VIP Lv.13~15 are reached, you can claim full-optioned Bones, Spike, and Howl.
    - VIP gifts for VIP Lv.1~12 have been increased.
    - Necklaces and Rings with the excellent option DEF are now available from the Epic Chest.

    10. Guild System Improvement
    - Now the last log-in time of each Guild member can be checked in the Guild Member list.

    11. Improvement in Crystal Mine and Colosseum
    - The dungeons will not be instantly exited when the [BACK] button for the phones is clicked. (Android devices only)

    12. Superior Fruits' Icon Changed
    - To avoid confusion between normal Fruits and Superior Fruits, the icons of Superior Fruits have bee renewed.

    13. Epic Chest Ticket Using Method Renewal
    - Epic Chest Tickets can directly be selected and used in the inventory all at once.
    - How to use: [Inventory > Epic Chest Ticket > Use]
    ※ Free Open and Diamond Open can be used in the Epic Chest menu as before.
    ※ To use Epic Chest Tickets, please find them and use in the [Inventory > Epic Chest Ticket]. Epic Chest Tickets cannot be used in the Epic Chest anymore.

    14. Improvement in Devil Square
    - Devil Square dungeon resources have been optimized to minimize the chance of encountering invisible Metal Balrog.

    15. Improvement in the Battlefield of Heroes and the Battlefield of Emperor
    - Dungeon resources have been optimized to decrease the chance of Invisible Characters upon respawn.

    16. Pet Skill Transfer Added
    - Pet Skills can now be transferred at [Refine > Pet Skill Transfer].

    17. Instant Resurrection is now disabled in the Crystal Mine
    - Instant resurrection in the Crystal Mine is no longer able.
    - You will automatically respawn in the safe area 15 seconds after death.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Fortress update!
    - New Domain
    - New Domain: building development
    - New Domain: Ruins
    - New Domain: Fortress
    - New Domain: Duelfield
    - Alchemy
    - Oracle
    - Guild League
    - Emblem

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    I have a question, maybe I don't understand correctly, if so please let me know.

    I see that VIP requirements has changed, in my case I have always been VIP 6 with 20750 diamonds purchased, I see on the new table that I should be VIP 7 now right?, but I'm still on VIP 6 and I still see in game that I need 30000 for the next level.


    • KraWn
      KraWn commented
      Editing a comment
      Marce is it a bug that we can't claim the new vip rewards or it's only for the new vip players?

    • [MOD]Spriggly
      [MOD]Spriggly commented
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      KraWn we can`t claim the new VIP rewards unless we upgrade our own VIP rating.

    • KraWn
      KraWn commented
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      [MOD]Spriggly thank you for the fast response , I just wanted to be sure that isn't bug.

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    how to add pet from inventory? press + but nothing happens ini thou new thing


    • CYGNUX
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      Put the pet on your inventory, click it and then select "Place".

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    now there is a problem with logging into the game, and ping very big every now and then


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      Why in Auction House is no more posible to sell something with Diamonds? Only with zen?


      • [MOD]Spriggly
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        We have updated the Forum notice for the Auction issue. As for the Android users, you can go to the Google PlayStore and download v2.6.1. The should fix the issue

        We are still working on for the iOS users, and we`ll give further notice

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      Originally posted by Kaajinsh View Post
      Why in Auction House is no more posible to sell something with Diamonds? Only with zen?
      Will be fixed soon.
      "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"


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        Originally posted by KraWn View Post
        Will be fixed soon.
        As always, thank you for the help
        Hello and Welcome to MU Origin!

        Need help? You can contact our Customer Support here:


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          No luck option on epic bound ticket
          Last edited by Ossamenta; 27-06-18, 09:56 PM.


          • SpiritAngela
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            May you please send us a ticket about it and let us know what items you got from the Chest ticket: