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MU Origin Update - Corps War - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Corps War - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v2.4) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. Corps
    - Form a Corps with maximum four guilds from all-server and unite! Corps system has been added.
    - Corps opens upon completion of the main quest [Door] after 10 Rebirth Lv.50.
    - Guild Masters of the Guilds above Lv.6 can create or join a Corps.
    - A Corps is composed of four posts: Corps Commander, Deputy Commander, Elite Member, and Normal Member. The authority of each post differs.
    - The authority as the Corps Commander or the Deputy Commander is transferred too in case of transferring the Guild master's authority.
    - Corps Commander, Deputy Commander and Elite Member can use the Corps chat mode.
    - Prosperity Points can be achieved when creating a new Corps or by completing Corps Quests.
    # Weekly Corps Ranking is set every Saturday 24:00 based on the weekly Prosperity Points achieved. Top 4 Corps get the qualification to participate in the Corps War.
    # 3,000 Prosperity Points are deducted every day 00:00, and the Corps is disbanded when the Prosperity is below 0.
    # Corps Quests reset every Monday 00:00.

    2. Corps War
    - Top 4 Corps get the qualification to participate in the Corps War at [Corps > Corps Event].
    # Event hours: every Sunday 20:00 ~ 20:30
    # Qualification for participation: based on weekly Prosperity Points accumulated every Saturday 24:00, top 4 Corps acquires the qualification to participate.

    - A Corps can select a region for the Corps War.
    - Only Elite Members who are chosen by the Corps Commander or the Deputy Commander can participate in.
    # Elite Members can be managed through [Corps > Elite Members > Management].
    - The details for each battlefield are as followed.
    # East Akeron: Protect four forts from the enemies for 5 seconds to capture, and convey the flags from the center of the battlefield to the ally base to acquire points.
    # West Akeron: Place flags on the five resource areas to continuously acquire points.

    [Winning Rules]
    - The Corps with more points at the end of the battle conquers the area.
    - In case of a point tie, the Corps that acquired the points faster will be victorious.

    [Lord's Privilege in Territory collect]
    - The Corps which won the Corps war and conquered the Territory can acquire the privilege as below.
    # Deploy Watch Towers: protect the Territory Collecting Area with Watch Towers which attack any trespassers nearby.
    # Faster Collecting and Double Collect: +20% Collect Speed and Double Collect are applied to the Corps members of The Corps that has conquered the Territory.
    # Corps Commander statue: the Corps Commander statue is placed in the Territory. Various resources can be acquired by praising the Statue, such as EXP, Guild Contribution, Elemental Stone, and Hallow essence.
    # Exclusive Title: members of the Corps which conquered the Territory can acquire the exclusive Corps Title.

    3. Territory collect
    - Territory Collect can be entered through [Event > All server event > Territory collect].
    - Players above 10 Rebirth Lv.60 can enter the Territory to collect resources.
    - Resources such as Aether dust, Soul dust, Wolf dust, and Hallow essence can be collected or looted from monsters inside the Territory.
    - When entering the Territory, all characters turn into the [Corps] mode.
    - Each character can collect up to 30 times weekly in the Territory collect.
    - The Corps that won the Corps War can have the privileges and the special collect area in the Territory Collect.
    - Double Collect is applied every Tuesday and Saturday 12:00 ~ 13:00.
    # Triple Collect is applied for the conquering Corps during the event hour.

    4. Hallow & Divinity
    - Hallow system opens upon completion of the main quest [Scheme] after 10 Rebirth Lv.60.
    - Hallows give basic options such as max HP, Attack DMG, DEF, and Elasticity.
    - Elasticity is a new stat which decreases the chance of enemies' special stats activation.
    # Examples of the special stats: Critical DMG Rate, Excellent DMG Rate, Deadly Hit Rate, Destructive DMG Rate etc.
    # Enhancing a Hallow to 100% will increase the Elasticity stats.
    - The Hallow essence acquired from the Corps War and the Territory collect is used to enhance the Hallow.
    # Unbound Zen and Hallow essence are consumed to enhance the Hallow, and enhancing increases the Hallow options.
    # Hallow System is composed of 12 Hallows in total. The previous Hallow must be enhanced 100% in order to enhance the next Hallow.
    # Consuming a certain amount of Unbound Diamonds will ensure 100% Critical Enhance which gives the Hallow extra enhance.
    - Enhancing the certain Hallows to 100% will activate the Divinity. The activated Divinity gives extra options.
    - The options of activated Divinity are cumulative.

    System improvement

    1. Max Character Level Raise
    - Max character level has raised to 13 Rebirth Lv.100.

    2. Highest Floor expanded in Endless Tower
    - The highest floor of Endless Tower has increased to 140th.
    - You must be 13 Rebirth or higher to enter 131st ~ 140th floor of Endless Tower.

    3. Extra Aether Slots Added
    - Two extra Aether slots have been added. Slots can be opened at [Pet > Aether] by consuming unbound Diamonds.
    - Unbound Diamonds are consumed for each slot. (Maximum two slots can be expanded)

    4. New Aether Insignias Added
    - Five new Aether Insignias have been added.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Corps War update!
    - Corps
    - Corps War
    - Territory Collect
    - Hallow

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    4. New Aether Insignias Added
    - Five new Aether Insignias have been added.
    lucky like aether t10? or $$$?


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      Originally posted by SIEGFRlED View Post

      lucky like aether t10? or $$$?
      I guess depend on your luck.
      "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"