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MU Origin Update - Cry Wolf Battle - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Cry Wolf Battle - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v1.9) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. A Real-Time Server Guild Siege, 'Cry Wolf Battle'

    - A real-time server guild battle to find the true warlord of the MU Continent, Cry Wolf Battle has been added.
    - A minimum of guild Lv.5 is required to join the Cry Wolf Battle, and it can be found at [Guild > Guild Event > Cry Wolf Battle].
    - Forts of Cry Wolf Battle have 10 levels in total, and the higher the Fort level is, the lower the number of Forts exists.
    e.g. 8 Lv.7 Forts, 4 Lv.8 Forts, 2 Lv.9 Forts, and 1 Lv.10 Fort.

    - Battle hours are as follows.

    *Lv.1 ~ Lv.9 Forts
    - Registration hours: Everyday 00:00 ~ 19:55, 20:40 ~ 00:00
    - Battle hours: Everyday 20:00 ~ 20:30

    *Lv.10 Fort
    - Registration hours: Saturday 20:40 ~ Sunday 19:55
    - Battle hours: Sunday 20:00 ~ 20:30

    - Occupants of a Fort or two can claim Victory rewards and daily rewards.
    - The occupying guild of the Lv.10 Fort can receive the special Titles as the No.1 guild of the MU Continent.

    2. Soul Gem System
    - An evolution from Soul Stone System! Soul Gem system has been added.
    - Soul Gems can be created by using Wolf Dusts at [Soul Stone > Soul Gem > Acquire].
    - Soul Gems give various Elemental Options, and options can be maximized by Soul Gem Combination.
    - Wolf Dust to creat Soul Gem can be acquired at Server Dungeon - Cry Wolf.

    3. Dice Hunter System
    - Join the Dice Hunter now to change your destiny! Dice Hunter system has been added.
    - Dice Hunter has 10 floors, and each floor is made of 30 tiles. Each tile has different events and rewards (Dice points, Ruby etc.).
    - The tiles marked as '?' offers a chance to acquire special items, exchange Dice points or Ruby with items, or encounter bosses.
    - Dice Hunter system has two kinds of Dice: 'Normal Dice' and 'Gold Dice'. Gold Dice allows you to move to the desired tile.
    - Dice points and Ruby acquired in Dice Hunter can be exchanged with various items in Dice Shop.

    4. Bonus System
    - Packages full of special benefits! Bonus System has been added.
    - Bonus System includes [Rebirth Bonus] and [VIP Bonus].
    - You can receive 6x Rebirth Bonus and 4x VIP Bonus for achieving the goals of each Bonus.

    5. New Server Dungeon 'Server Dungeon-Cry Wolf'
    - Defeat the evil and defend the Cry Wolf Statue from monsters! 'Server Dungeon-Cry Wolf' has been added.
    - The mission to win the battle is to protect the Cry Wolf Statue from waves of monsters coming from 3 directions.
    - A maximum of ten players can form a party together, and players have to defend the Statue for 15 minutes.
    - You can acquire Wolf Dust to create Soul Gem upon completing the dungeon.

    6. Max Character Level Raise
    - Max character level has raised to 11 Rebirth 100.

    7. Tier 12 Equipment added
    - Tier 12 Equipment has been added.
    - Tier 12 Equipment can be attained by Transmuting Tier 11 Equipment with Transcendence Points, Jewels, and Primordial Pieces.
    - Primordial Pieces of each Equipment can be crafted at [Craft > Artifact Fragment].

    8. Highest Floor expanded in Endless Tower
    - The highest floor of Endless Tower has increased to 120th.
    - You must be 11 Rebirth or higher to enter 111th ~ 120th floor of Endless Tower.

    9. 30-Days Accumulated Login Rewards Reset
    - 30 days Accumulated Login rewards have been renewed and reset.
    ※ The players who have already completed 30 days Accumulated Login and claimed all rewards will be able to restart from Day 1 again.
    ※ The players who has not been completed 30 days Accumulated Login will have to restart from Day 1 even though they have not claimed all the rewards.
    - A new Title 'Lucky Seven' is available to be claimed upon completing 30 days of Accumulated Login!
    - Some accumulated login goals in progress in the Achievement have been reset.

    10. New Pets
    - Two new pets arrived in MU Continent and are ready to be your new battle companions!
    - Golden Monkey and Famous Dog are available to be achieved via various events.

    System improvement

    1. Auction Improved: Enhance/Option Enhance Level Now Visible
    - Enhance/Option Enhance levels of equipment items are now visible in the Auction.
    e.g. An equipment with Enhance Lv. 5, and Option Enhance Lv. 10 is displayed as '+5 10 Option'.

    2. Character Delete System Improved
    - Character Delete System has been improved.
    - Two hour delay is given upon Character Delete, and characters can be restored in the meantime.
    - Deleted characters are no longer able to be restored after the two hour delay, so please be cautious.

    3. World Buff Improved
    - The world buff has increased by two times.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Cry Wolf Battle update!
    - Cry Wolf Battle
    - Soul Gem
    - Dice Hunter
    - Server Dungeon Cry Wolf

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    Why cant level 10 occupant attack lower level? its boring to be at the top if you cannot even attack back. Useless if your at the top you dont get daily victory reward since no one attacking.


    • Dukelife
      Dukelife commented
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      lol madmax thats why we start over and dont attack t10 coz register only work on higher lvl castle and t10 is already max we rather hold and defend more other castle to have daily victory reward

    • Dukelife
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      even alliance starts over for more castle more reward

    • MaDmAx0910
      MaDmAx0910 commented
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      lol Useless Title. Just for show. Nothing special added.