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MU Origin Update - Land of Ordeal - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Land of Ordeal - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v1.8) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. New Server Boss Field, 'Land of Ordeal'
    - A war against five server boss monsters begins in the Land of Ordeal!
    - Defeat five server bosses with 100 warriors from all servers in the Land of Ordeal.
    - You need to register between 14:00~14:25 and 18:00~18:25 every Saturday and Sunday to enter.
    - The Land of Ordeal can be entered every Saturday and Sunday between 14:30~15:00 and 18:30~19:00.
    - The event can be entered by [Event > Server event > Land of Ordeal].
    - You need to defeat five bosses and other monsters within 30 minutes.
    - You can obtain various items from all monsters.
    However, the character who gave the most damage to the boss monster can acquire loots from them.

    2. A new all-server area for 10 Rebirth, Kalutan
    - Kalutan is a newly added all-server area for 10 Rebirth or higher.
    - Warriors of Rebirth 10 or higher can enter Kalutan and enjoy playing with other warriors from all servers.
    - Kalutan can be entered at [Map > World map > Kalutan], and by selecting a channel.
    - 15,000 zen is required to enter Kalutan and the amount is automatically deducted as you enter the area.
    - Some features such as Auction, Shop and Arena etc. can't be accessed in Kalutan.
    - If you exit the game in Kalutan, the character will be automatically moved to Lorencia when you restart the game.
    - Elite Bosses in Kalutan will spawn in 2 hours after they are defeated.

    3. Domain System
    - Domain System is a new feature to develop your own domain and gain various resources.
    - A Domain has four buildings including Observatory, Tower of Magic, Gate of Ordeal, and Tower of Battle.
    - Each building can be developed by hiring a worker.
    - One worker can be hired for free of charge to develop a building and one additional worker can be hired by spending diamonds.
    - You can gain building EXP along with Star Essence, Gem, Achievement or Fame for completing a building development.
    - Additional rewards can be obtained based on a total of four buildings' levels.
    - Domain development continues even when you are not playing the game.

    4. New Warrior Event
    - The New Warrior event has been added to assist new players on the path to become a real warrior.
    - New Warrior Event is only available for seven days from the day the character is created.
    - New Warrior Event contains Login Rewards, Recharge Rewards, 7 Day Goal and 7 Day Limited Sales.
    - for the 7 Day Goal Event: players are given different daily goals to achieve and each goal has different rewards.

    5. 'Swimsuit' Costume Added
    - A new cool look for summer, 'Swimsuit' costume has been added.
    - 'Swimsuit' can only be obtained during event periods through [Epic Chest] only via Unbound Diamonds.

    System improvement

    1. New Pets Event Ended

    - New pets event has been ended.
    - Event pets (Farfnir, Mermaid and Magma Fist) are no longer available to be obtained through [Epic Chest].

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Land of Ordeal update!
    - Land of Ordeal
    - Kalutan
    - Domain System
    - New Warrior Event

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