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MU Origin Update - Battle of The Warriors - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Battle of The Warriors - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v1.7) ■

    Newly added contents

    1. All-server event “Battle Core”
    - All new, all-server event “Battle Core” has been added.
    - The Battle Core system considers each applicant’s CP to make sure each camp is matched with an adequate opponent.
    - Battle Core can be entered daily from 12:30~13:30, 16:30~17:30, and 22:00~23:00.
    - The side that reaches 1,000 points first or has the highest points at the end of the battle will be victorious.
    - Points are earned by gathering chalices and defeating opposing warriors.
    - Receive large amounts of EXP, fame points, and achievement points on every victory.
    Also you can receive 30x rewards on the first victory of the day.
    - Rewards will be diminished by 50% upon defeat.

    2. All-server event "Battlefield of Heroes"
    - A PvP beyond servers, "Battlefield of Heroes" has been added.
    - A maximum 100 warriors can enter the battlefield, divided into two camps and experience the massive PVP.
    - Battlefield of Heroes is open every Tuesday and Friday from 21:30~22:00.
    - You need to register from 21:00~21:25 on the days it opens to enter.
    - Each side must battle to gain points by achieving three elements: PVP, mining, and boss hunting.
    - Players are rewarded based on how many points you gained in battle.

    3. Server Dungeon 'Harmageddon' and 'Elemental War'
    - Team up with warriors from all servers and fight against the evil in Server Dungeons.
    - Up to five players can form a party together to enter the dungeon, and have to defeat the final boss in 15 minutes.
    - In 'Harmageddon', you must defeat the Four Knights to summon Harmageddon.
    Defeat Harmageddon and receive various rewards.
    - In 'Elementarl War', you must defeat the monsters within the time limit for the next wave to start.
    There are at max 30 waves, with each wave progressively harder. Reaching further waves will increase the amount of rewards.
    If you fail to defeat all the monster within the time limit, the dungeon will end.

    4. Relic System
    - Relic is a new system to increase stats and include four different kinds.
    - Relic system can be entered by [Relic].
    - There are four kinds of Relics: "Golden Grail", "Golden Crown", "Golden Sword", and "Golden Scripture".
    - Each Relic is divided up into six pieces, and as each piece is enhanced, you can receive powerful stat boosts.
    - In order to enhance Relic pieces, you will need fragments. Fragments can be obtained from 'Harmageddon' and 'Battlefield of Heroes'.

    5. Soul Stone System
    - Soul Stone is a new system which gives elemental stats to your character.
    - Soul Stones are divided into three types: Orbium, Tris, and Quadion.
    - You can acquire additional options by inserting and combining Soul Stones.
    - Soul Dust and Diamonds are used for mining Soul Stones. Soul Dust can be obtained from 'Elemental War' and 'Battlefield of Heroes'.
    - You can level up a Soul Stone if you have three of the same level.

    6. Equipment Enhance - Max Level Raise
    - Max Equipment Enhance Level has raised to 20.
    - Level 16 ~ 20 Enhance is only available during the event period.
    Event schedules will be announced through our forum and Facebook, so check our event page regularly for updates!

    7. Zodiac System - Max Level Raise
    - Max Zodic Level has raised to 5. Now you can activate the Zodiac signs up to 5.

    8. Daily Benefits
    - Daily Benefits are a new system that players can Instantly clear daily tasks at once.
    - Daily Benefits can be found at [Task > Daily Benefits].
    - The list of daily tasks which can be instantly clear may vary depending on a player's level.

    9. New Pets
    - New event pet Mermaid, Fafnir, and Magma Fist are added.
    - New pets can be optained during event periods through [Pet > Capture].

    10. Costume System
    - Costumes are a new feature to change the appearance of your characters.
    - Costumes can only be obtained during event periods through [Epic Chest] only via Unbound Diamonds.

    System improvements

    1. The Stack Limit Increase
    - The stack limit of certain in-game items has been increased to 999.
    - Please refer to the list below to see the relevant items.

    2. Server Selection Screen
    - Recommended server suggestion has been improved.
    - Recent server list has been improved.
    - Now players can type a server number to enter the server.

    3. Pet Combinations change
    - Pet combinations have changed.

    4. Loren Castle Siege Resurrection Point added
    - A resurrection point has been added in the Loren Castle Siege.

    5. Devil's Square & Blood Castle
    - Dungeon counts won't be deducted if you exit Devil's Square or Blood Castle before the event begins.
    - If you have been disconnected while playing Devil's Square or Blood Castle, you will be able to re-join the same event upon login.

    6. Hours change in Crystal Mine
    - Crystal Mine 2x hours have been changed to 12:00~13:00 and 22:00~23:00 from 21:00~23:00.

    * Please click the links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Server Arena update!
    - Battle Core
    - Battlefield of Heroes
    - Server Dungeons
    - Relic
    - Soul Stone

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      My God, what did you guys do with the crystal mine? They have taken out a large diamond crystal, it becomes depressant.


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        Why the promo codes only doesn't work for mu origin? Thats bad this 8th anniversary is not for us to celebrate


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          6. Equipment Enhance - Max Level Raise
          - Max Equipment Enhance Level has raised to 20.
          - Level 16 ~ 20 Enhance is only available during the event period.

          Event schedules will be announced through our forum and Facebook, so check our event page regularly for updates

          This means that if my weapon is +15 raise it to +16 and fail will not cause the weapon to reduce one level?


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            When will phoenix pet be added?