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MU Origin Update - Server Arena - Patch Notes

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  • MU Origin Update - Server Arena - Patch Notes

    ■ MU Origin Update (v1.6) ■

    1. All-server competition 'Server Arena'
    - Who will be the greatest of MU Continent? Server Arena is added to see who is the mightiest warrior. Now you can battle across servers in REAL-TIME!

    - Server Arena System opens at 4Rebirth 90, after ‘The Most Beautiful Flame’ quest is cleared.
    - Server Arena can be found at [Event > All server event > Arena].
    - Server Arena automatically matches 2 players of the similar CP.
    - Server Arena takes place Real-time, and does not support Auto-battle.
    - Players are ranked by League Points and are rewarded Honor Points through Server Arena battles.
    - League Points can be used to raise the player’s rank in Server Arena.
    - Server Arena Ranks are initialized on the first day of each month.
    - Honor Points can be achieved maximum five times a day, and can be exchanged with various items in Honor Shop.
    - Honor Shop can be found at [Event > All server event > Arena > Honor Shop].

    - Server Arena is available everyday between 10:00 ~ 23:59
    - Rankings are renewed at 03:00 daily
    *Your ranking does not reflect your win/lose in real-time, please check after 03:00 after it has been renewed.
    (The current ranking for February 21st will be renewed on February 22nd 03:00.)

    - The current ranked characters in US West were used for test purposes, and will be removed from the rank when it is refreshed at 03:00.

    2. Muren’s Book
    - An ancient book of mysterious spells, ‘Muren’s Book’ is added.
    - Muren’s Book System opens at 4Rebirth 80, after ‘Battle Preparation (3)’ quest is cleared.
    - [Magic Crystal] and [Magic Book] are used to enhance Muren’s Book, and Magic Broom can activate the mysterious spell indwelt in Muren’s Book.
    - Basic options including Resurrection Chance and Full MP Recovery increase as Muren’s Book is enhanced.
    - The mysterious spell give 70 hours of special option buffs to the character when it’s activated with the Magic Broom.
    - [Magic Crystal], [Magic Book] and [Magic Broom] can be purchased with Honor Points in the Honor Shop.

    3. Guardian Soul System
    - An evolution to the Journal System, Guardian Soul System is added.
    - Guardian Soul System opens at 3Rebirth 1 after ‘Piles of Ruins’ quest is cleared.
    - When the Journal of a region is activated, the region’s Guardian awakes and it can be equipped and enhanced at [Journal > Guardian].
    - The more regions you activate, the more Guardians you can equip.
    - [Journal Points] and [Guardian Holy Water] are used to enhance the Guardians.
    - [Journal Points] can be achieved at [Journal > Retrieve Essence], and [Guardian Holy Water] can be achieved at the EXP Dungeon.
    ※ [Guardian Holy Water] is only available to be acquired after 2Rebirth EXP Dungeon.

    4. Specialty System
    - Pave a unique path using Specialty System.
    - Specialty System opens at 10Rebirth 1.
    - ‘Specialty Points’ are needed to level up the Specialties, and ‘Specialty Points’ can be acquired by injecting EXP at [Specialty > Property Points]
    - Used Specialty Points can be initialized by Reset Ticket or Using unbound diamonds.

    5. Title System
    - Upgrade your character and attributes beyond the limit! Title System is added.
    - Loren’s Wings can be equipped or unequipped at [Title > Wing].
    - Titles can be equipped or unequipped at [Title > Title].
    - Title options are permanently applied to the character at its first equip. the options last after unequip or equipping another Title.

    6. Max Level Raise
    - Max Level raised to 10Rebirth 100.

    7. Endless Tower
    - The highest floor of Endless Tower increased to 110th.

    8. Name Change System
    - Get yourself a new name with friends! Name Change System is added.
    - Every time you change the character name, the required Diamond increases.

    9. New Story Dungeon, ‘Treasure Cave’
    - Players can enter Treasure Cave when all quests in Swamp of Peace are completed.

    10. Story Dungeon reward item
    - Now players can acquire boss monster Essences in Story Dungeon.

    *Please click links below to see the detailed guides on the respective systems added with the Server Arena update!
    - Server Arena
    - Muren's Book
    - Guardian Soul system
    - Specialty system
    - Title system

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    Why i am moving slow ? is boring guys! in sted of making this game funny you are making him boring!
    i dont know how to tell you this. but please reconsider this side of the update. is really boring and annoyng.


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      hey guys. the latest patch was great but i guess you guys left the movement speed at slow pace. it's so hard to do the daily quest now. any updates regarding this matter? thanks.


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        Great patch but movement speed going slow and the cooldown of skills is not accurate..pls make an action for rhis immediately thnx