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[Notice] MU Origin Update - Magic Knight Returns - Patch Notes

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  • [Notice] MU Origin Update - Magic Knight Returns - Patch Notes

    The wait is over! MU Origin 1.5.0 Update, "Magic Knight Returns", is now live!
    Log into the game to get a free update gift! Receive the items below via your character's mailbox:

    -Achievement Badge x1
    -Fame Badge x1
    -Epic Chest Ticket x3
    -Condor Feather x10
    -Condor Flame x10

    MU Origin 1.5.0 Patch Notes

    New Features
    - New Magic Knight Class.
    - Pet 'Special Buff' and Pet Synergy System. Enhance your character with a new system designed to utilize your pets!
    - Devil's Hatchery and Swamp of Peace. Explore these new areas, filled with high-level content!
    - Achievement Rune System. Use Achievement Points and diamonds to upgrade your character's stats!
    - Trophy System. Use your Fame gained in the Arena to strengthen your character!
    - Wings' Feather System. Add enhancements to your wings, further improving your character stats!
    - Lorencia Ruler Statue - a new statue for the Loren Castle Siege winner!
    - New 'Plus Card' Feature


    - The minimum level requirement to use the Auction House and Trade has been changed to Rebirth 3 Level 1.
    - The adjustment in minimum level requirement for use of Auction House makes this feature available strictly for characters above Rebirth 3 Level 1. Players below this level will not be able to utilize the Auction House, including those with registered auction items.

    Current Issues
    - For players updating the game for the Magic Knight Update, the Main Menu Logo will be overlapped. This is considered a graphics issue and will not affect gameplay. A minor update on the marketplace will be provided once the issue has been fixed.
    - The icon for Jack o' Lantern appears as a blank. This is a minor issue as the Jack o' Lantern is no longer usable.

    - A small number of players experienced an issue purchasing the Plus Card. As of 11/24 14:00 UTC, this issue has been resolved. For the users who had issues with purchasing Plus Card before the fix, please contact us in support and we will assist you:

    Have a question? Check out the Launch FAQ! or the Launch FAQ (PT)

    Check out the MU Origin Volunteer Moderator Program!

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    I would like to add that the MK does not get the free fruit from the quest line if it had started from RB0. Just was wondering if this was done intentionally?


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      Check my ticket please, is about the plus card and I'm still waiting :/.

      Ticket 24C19DA485


      • [MOD]Spriggly
        [MOD]Spriggly commented
        Editing a comment
        We sincerely implore for your patience with regards to this issue, as the support team is currently receiving a large volume of tickets.
        Rest assured that your ticket will be answered.

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