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[Notice] MU Origin Update - Loren Castle Siege - Patch Notes

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  • [Notice] MU Origin Update - Loren Castle Siege - Patch Notes

    Loren Castle Siege Patch Notes:

    New Contents:
    - Pet System
    - Aether System
    - Loren Castle Siege

    New Party Dungeon
    - Labyrinth of Dimensions

    New Guild Features:
    - Supper / Feasts
    - Guild Bosses
    - Guild Shop

    Changes in current content:
    - Increase Character Level (700 -> 800)
    - Updated Daily Activity rewards.
    - Removed "Sell" button on certain items.

    Bug Fix
    - Fixed a large number of text issues

    Text Changes - The following texts for tooltip and game content have been changed.
    1. Damage -> DMG
    2. Defense -> DEF
    3. Pet Panda -> Panda

    A FREE Epic Pet Ticket along with a bundle of items will be given to everybody who logs into MU ORIGIN on the week of the update!

    Have a question? Check out the Launch FAQ! or the Launch FAQ (PT)

    Check out the MU Origin Volunteer Moderator Program!

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    Tnx for the patch notes ...but your text fixes caused others.. Like the constant leaving and entering combat mode....its very damn annoying...


    • Selupan
      Selupan commented
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      Thanks ImmortalWolf, we've relayed that bug to the developers and a fix is being prepared!

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    and class magic gladiator?


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      is impossible to play, there can equip a iten, do not have to deliver a quest is not to do anything ... our found either by being Webzen would be a little better than the other company that currently are on the market ...


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        Hello guys,i can't connect to my account on know why??it says something about CBT...i am WarMage 65 level 155k RagnaR21


        • Djas
          Djas commented
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          Here is no Mu Legend forum...
          Beta test closed yesterday man.

        • CherriesAndPies
          CherriesAndPies commented
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          You better wait for a CBT 2 or OBT
          Better yet, go to their forum.

        • SpiritAngela
          SpiritAngela commented
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          Hello LoverR21! As what others have stated, this is Global MU: Origin. Please visit their official forum page here:

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        I need help for account sent me mail pls