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[Notice] All-New Servers & New Server Events!

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  • [Notice] All-New Servers & New Server Events!


    Be ready to begin a brand new adventure. NEW SERVERS below will be added:


    US West: Server 40
    US East: Server 36
    Europe: Server 40


    Check out our new events!
    Boss Hunt Be the hunter! Slay the most bosses and win rewards!
    Level Up Master Rise above all! Reach target levels to win rewards!
    Diamond Master Indulge! Get Achievement, Star Essences and Jewels!
    Spending Master Charge! the most Diamonds to win Fame, Gems, and Jewels!
    Cashback Daily Rewards!*Charge the most Diamonds to get Diamonds back

    Limited items are on sale!
    Fast Level Up Package - 388 Diamonds
    Wing Upgrade Package - 888 Diamonds
    Star Essence Box - 888 Diamonds
    Superior Achievement Box - 888 Diamonds
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    How about Asia???


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      is there any new incoming server from US west ???? if there is when would that be??


      • [MOD]MUAlycia
        [MOD]MUAlycia commented
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        There might be! You will have to stay tuned

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      o preço da moeda esta um pouco caro, acaba que pagamos muito por pouco. Sem graça isso !.


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        Where can i see when new servers are going to be up on us east ?


        • [MOD]MUAlycia
          [MOD]MUAlycia commented
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          This forums is the place to be in order to be updated!

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        So can we see a post or so before the opening of a new server so we can start fresh with the other players not to see that there is a started new server from 1 day or more?


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          Boss Hunt Be the hunter! Slay the most bosses and win rewards!
          What bosses exactly? because i slayed almost all the world bosses on my server and i am only #5 on the boss hunt rank.
          Are you refering to elites?


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            where i can watch dates from incoming opening new servers? Thanks, sry my english


            • Mohabit
              Mohabit commented
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              Cara creio eu que não tenha um local especifico, ja procurei e não encontrei algo que falasse sobre isso !!

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            Boss how to get my pet panda


            • Mhimz26
              Mhimz26 commented
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              can i get my panda pet to??

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            Confrim whether there will be servers for latinos please.


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              Whats the difference between servers 1 to 12? Have been playing in EU server 8 for a while and just noticed that there are 12 of them. Don`t know should i start fresh in one of the new servers or keep playing in same one...


              • Selupan
                Selupan commented
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                Hello Emylz, new servers are added when the existing servers' population has been increasing. If you are in EU server 8 you may stay in that server or move to the newest one if you choose to begin anew.

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              Is there any difference in exp or drop rate between them?


              • [MOD]RolyPolee
                [MOD]RolyPolee commented
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                Hi Emylz, there is no difference in exp or drop rate. But, if you choose to start playing in the new server we are offering new server event rewards and limited sale offers which are not available in the old servers.

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              Hey, what about the South America Server? Most of server are Brazilians and the Time clock events are terrible ... mainly Crystal at 2 a.m. until 4 a.m. ... please, consider South America Server .. also transfering option


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                Queria pegar meu premios do Exchange promo code