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  • Big sale... leaving game

    Feel free to offer, on the next days i{ll try to add all the items i have to sell. )I accept also paypal $$. Write me here or in game: R41Z3N


    ABA Set: H+7+16+7; A+11+16+7+luck, P+7+16+7, G+7+16+7, B+11+16+L++DD+ZEN+ harmony: def+2,mp auto +4, dmg reduction +44 = MMO
    Wings of dimension +14+4%
    Soulbringer +9+16+luck +xdmg10%(lvl1)+skill100(lvl10)+lvl20 2.0(lvl10) +bonus skill +11
    Book of lagle +9+16+xdmg+mana/8+skillpower+35
    Ancient armor +dsr
    Darkangel pants +mana+luck
    Red wing pants +life
    Red wing stick +xdmg
    DA helm +L+dd+mana
    DA pants +L+dd
    DA patns +L+ref


    Daybreak +11+12+xdmg+ (req.strg -6)
    Wings of dragon +9+12+ign
    Wings of satan +7+12+L
    SOD +0+12+speed
    SOD +lvl/20
    Black dragon helm +dd+mana
    Black dragon armor +dd+dsr
    Black dragon pants +dd
    Black dragon boots +dd
    Dark phoenix gloves +dd+mana
    DA helm +hp+luck
    BA gloves +hp
    DA belif armor +hp
    Darkbreaker +0+12+xdmg+mana
    Dark phoenix armor +0+8+dsr+zen
    Black dragon gloves +dsr
    Black dragon boots +ref
    Dragon gloves +0+4+dsr
    Dark phoenix pants +0+12+dd
    Black dragon gloves +hp
    Crystal sword +0+12+xdmg+2%inc
    Dark phoenix armor +0+4+dd+mana
    Dark phoenix boots +0+8+dsr
    Black dragon gloves +dd+zen
    Black dragon armor +0+8+dsr+hp
    Black dragon helm +dsr
    Morning star +0+12+xdmg
    Ashcrow pants +dd
    Great Dragon gloves +ref
    Bill of Balrog +xdmg
    Dragon spear +0+8+lvl20
    Leather helm +mana
    Dragon pants +dd+dsr
    Ashcrow pants +dd
    DA boots +L+dd
    Tomahawk +0+8+2%inc
    SOD +2%inc
    Leather armor +0+8+ref
    Plate helm +mana
    Plate gloves +hp+mana
    Dark Phoenix helm +hp


    ABA set: H+0+12+7, A+0+12+15, P+0+12+15, G+0+12+7
    BA boots +9+12+L+dd + (stamina+7, hp+53, 10%mp to hp36)
    Vis Lance +9+16+xdmg+life8+ (skill+12)
    Vis Lance +0+16+L+lvl20+2%
    Grace shield +5+5+luck (no sockets)
    Sate helm +ref
    Vis shield +dd+hp
    Pluma lance +mana
    Vis shield +mana
    Darkangel armor +mana+zen
    Robust armor +dd
    Hirat gloves +dd
    DA helm +ref
    Pluma shield +dd


    Muren set: A+7+12+5, P+7+12+5, G+7+12+10, ring+5 and Gaion: B+7+12+10, pendant+10

    Darkness wings +7+12dmg
    Dark reign blade +7+12+12+xdmg+mana/8 +(atck min/max +8)
    Valiant armor +dsr+mana
    Valiant pants +hp+ref
    Valiant armor +dd
    Deadly staf +9+12+L+3s (x2)
    Thunder hawk boots +dd
    Valiant gloves +dd


    Frere magic gun +7+12+xdmg+2%inc
    Frere magic gun +11+4+L+speed +(
    DA gloves +dd+mana+L
    Frere helm +mana
    Frere armor +mana
    Frere helm +zen


    Pairing short sword +9+12+L+3s +(dest+21, asr+135, xdmg+2)
    Pairing short sword +0+12+L+3s
    Kukri short sword +1+12+2%inc+mana
    Kukri short sword +1+12+xdmg+2%inc
    Kukri short sword +xdmg+mana/8
    Kukiri short sword +2%inc+speed
    Night wing gloves +dd


    Chamer set: A+7+12+5, P+7+12+5, B+7+12+10, G+9+12+10
    Piercing helm +7+16+hp+life autoincrement +2
    Piercing gloves +7+12+s+lvl/20+mana+critical +14
    Piercing armor +dd
    Piercing boots +dd


    El haz maze +xdmg
    Darkangel pants +dsr
    Kenaz pants +mana
    El haz maze +0+12+speed
    Legendary rune gloves +0+12´mana
    Legendary rune boots +dd
    Rune sphinx mask +hp
    Kenaz boots +dsr
    DA helm+L+hp
    Legendary rune pants +0+4+hp
    Legendary rune helm +dsr
    Kenaz gloves +dd+zen
    Arcadin kenaz boots +0+10
    El haz shield +ref+zen


    EE ABA set: H+7+12+7, A+7+12+7, P+7+12+7, G+7+12+15, and boots BA +9+12+L+dd+dsr
    Wings of life +13+16dmg
    Elemental mace +2%inc+speed
    Frost barrier +7+10+L+ 3s (dd 13%, health +57, life+235) +bonus def+24
    Aruan set: H+9+12+10, A+9+12+10, P+9+12+5, B+9+12+5, and guardian gloves +9+12+dsr +(hp+7)
    Viper bow +9+12+mana/8 +(skill+12)
    War quiver +9+16+speed + (skill+12)
    Holy spirit helm +dd+dsr
    Holy spirit pants +dsr
    Holy spirit armor +dsr
    DA armor +ref
    Elemental shield +dd
    Celestial bow +xdmg+2%
    Silk gloves +zen
    Arquebus +life/8
    Elven axe +life/8
    Elemental mace +xdmg+mana/8
    Elemental shield +dd+zen
    BA ae pants +dd
    BA ee armor +L+dr+zen
    Iris armor +0+12+dsr
    DA ae gloves +L+hp


    ABA set: H+9+16+7+(maxHP+100, hp autoincrease +1, dmg reduction +30); A+9+16+7+(stamina+1, def+30, max ag 13), P+9+16+7+(mp+82, durability+7, 10%MP to hp+45), G+9+16+7+(stamina +1, dmg reduction +37, 10%mp to hp+120),
    Emperor Cape +14+4%
    Thunderbolt +9+16+luck+ (atk+15, xdmg+32, skill+15) +18%xdmg+100skill+2.0 lvl/20+ bonus skill+33
    Ambition shield +9+15+luck+(hp+49, mp autoincrease +1, 10%mp to hp+49)+ bonus defense+30
    BA set: H+9+12+L+zen, A+9+12+L+ref+zen, P+9+12+L+zen, G+9+12+L+mana+zen, B+9+12+L+zen+ (hp+94, hp autoincrease+1)
    Darkangel boots +hp
    Light plate boots +dd+ref
    Dark steel pants +dsr
    BA lord pants +ref
    Glorious mask +0+4+zen
    Broys pants +0+5
    Adamantine armor +dsr


    Enis set: H+7+12+5, A+9+12+5, P+7+12+5, B+7+12+5 and Anubis: G+7+12+5, ring+5,
    Platina +7+12+mana +wzrd+18
    Grand soul shield +7+15+dd+mana
    Wings of soul +7+12
    Grand Soul shield +hp, hp+ref, dd+hp
    Grand soul pants +hp
    Grand soul pants +dd
    Grand soul gloves +ref+dsr
    Staff of resurrection +0+8+mana/8
    Staff of resurrection +0+12+lvl/20+2%inc
    Legendary armor +hp+mana
    Grand soul pants +dd+hp
    Legendary gloves +dsr


    Pendant of ice +xdmg+mana/8
    Ring of ice +mana+zen
    Ring of wind +mana+zen
    Pendant of ice +speed +3%
    Ring of magic +dd (x2)
    Pendant of ice +mana
    Pendant of ability +xdmg+lvl20
    Ring of wind +dsr
    Ring of fire +mana+dsr
    Earring of wrath (left) increase Damage/magical +20
    Earring of wrath (left) +life 200
    Ring of ice +hp
    Ring of fire +dsr


    Kundun madness blade +11 12345 fire
    Lyra +9 12345 earth (anger fire 777, blessing wind 777, integrity water 777, divinity wind 777, radiance water 777 def III shield punish) kit against water
    Lyra +9 12345 water (all errtel 101010 darkness against fire, radiance dmg III abs life punish)
    Empire guardians stronghold 1234 wind
    Ancient icarus scroll 1234 earth
    Lyra +9 1245 fire
    Harp 1234 fire
    Lyra +9 1245 earth
    Kundun magic spell scroll +9 124 water
    Kundun magic spell scroll 123
    Harp 1234 wind
    Ancient icarus scroll 123 wind (x2)
    Harp 123 dark
    Harp 123 wind
    Icarus scroll 123 water
    Kundun madness blade 123 water
    Lyra 124 water (x2)
    KMB 124 wind, 123 water
    Harp 123 water
    Lyra 124 fire


    189 chaos
    86 creations
    32 lifes
    20 hrs
    15 guardians
    21 elemental rune
    4 souls
    2 harmonys


    1 Black fenrir
    4 Stamina fruits
    6 command fruits
    1 TOL
    1 ETOL
    1 ETCA
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