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Trade itens from Alfhein for itens in Hellhein.

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  • Trade itens from Alfhein for itens in Hellhein.

    If u tired of no end KS and never be able to do bosses, maybe u have interesse in trade itens with me
    i have fill itens in alfhein that i want to trade for itens here in HH.

    we will need to talk and see how we will trade, and i want too sell all my itens to the same person.
    there is no end game itens PRO itens, are just middle itens that can make u life better in a new server.
    I Quit Titan long time ago that now is alfhein, so i had this itens frozen at my accs there.

    If u have some offer to me in this itens, please mail me in game: LordOfVoid.

    Se já está cansado de levar KS sem fim e nunca achar boss vivo no HH , talvez vc tenha interesse em migrar para o server aAlfhein
    Tenho alguns itens que eu quero trocar lá no alfhein por itens aqui noHH

    Vamos ter q conversar sobre como vai ser o trade e quero vender tudo para a mesma pessoa.
    Não são itens PRO end game, são itens médios que pra começar já está ótimo.
    Eu parei de jogar no server titan, que hj é o alfhein, estou com esses itens lá parado.

    Se tiver interesse me manda email pra gente conversar: LordOfVoid

    List itens that i have in alfhein


    Soul: 302
    Bless: 109
    Chaos: 281
    Jol: 8
    Joe: 24
    Joh: 2
    Joc: 11
    Jog: 5
    HRS 82

    Zen: 3.400 Bilions

    Blue Fenrir
    Black Fenrir
    Sphere Seed Ag red lvl 3
    Sphere seed xdmg lvl 3
    Bless low 4
    Bless mid 6
    Bless Greater 4

    Ring e pend:
    pend+mana x1
    Pend+Speed x1
    pend+xdmg x1
    ring+1%+dd+hp x1
    ring+dr x1
    ring+dr+zen x1
    rings+DD x3

    ring earth+3+3% x1
    ring ice+4 x2
    pend lighting+4 x1

    Mapa Kalima 7 Manys
    Gain Order Manys
    Imp e Angel Manys
    consumables of events Manys
    Moonstone Pend Manys

    Agi 12
    Vit 9
    Str 9
    Cmd 1

    Pentas ( will need cash iten to reset the trade, u decide if worth or not.)
    Lemuria Orb (Fire)+9+12345 ( Zero trade)
    Kundun Madness blade(Water)+9+1245 ( Zero trade)
    Kundun Madness blade(Fire)+9+12345 ( Zero trade)

    Capa lvl 3 +9+12dmg
    Set fire sacred+7+DD

    Elf EE
    Vine set+9+x+DD
    Asa lvl 3 +11

    xRessuction staff+7+xdmg+mana
    Wings 2.5 +13+16dmg

    AMG ( my main char, i can easy end gaion only with EE with NO XSHOP Itens at lvl 650 with this itens)
    Anubis Gloves+9+10stm
    Anubis Ring+5stm
    Phantom Gloves+9+8+Luck+HP+MaxHP+DD+bonus (lvl 3 spheres)
    Gaion Boots+9+luck+5
    Gaion Pants+9+10+12
    Gaion Armor+9+10+12
    Gaion pend+5
    Wings lvl 3 +14+12dmg
    Asura+11+luck+xdmg+SkillAtk+AgRed (lvl 3 spheres)
    Asura+11+luck+12+xdmg+SkillAtk+lvl (lvl 3 spheres - xmdg lvl 4)
    Bloodangel set+9+DR ( Armor+7)
    ================================================== =============================