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Why there is no mobs in Arena?

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  • Why there is no mobs in Arena?

    Hey guys I' just back after long time here on official server. I just started on Jotunheim and I wonder why I can't find any mobs in arena...? Where can I evolve my Dark Wizard to be able to make levels fast enough?
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    Hello friend.
    About / Arena:
    There are no moobs or events on this map:
    This map has been obsolete since season 4.
    For you to raise your DarkWizard quickly.
    You will have to pay some $$.
    In this case: Seal of Healing / Seal of Wealth / Seal of Ascension
    Pet Panda / Ring Panda.
    To help kill moobs more easily you can also buy:
    Scroll packages: where you have all the premium buffs you need
    Rec mana/hp damage exc /damage wizard / hp boost/ speed boost / mana boost / critical boost

    this all for 14 days is 6, 850 Wcoins.
    Good luck on this new journey


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      So basically if I'm not paying, I can't get a proper playing experience, right?