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Event Inventory Bug

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  • Event Inventory Bug

    I just open a full inventory with Card Deck and after it i went to gremory case to receive the boxes. After i received the boxes i was unable to open it due to a bug in the game
    i have 32 box in my event inventory(23 luxury, 2 higher and 7 medium). i have plenty space in my inventory but the game didnt open the boxes. in system apear to me that i dont have space in the event inventory. i can clear the space because i have the inventory full. can some GM help fast?

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    Send a ticket ..


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      Have the same problem ticket #441634


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        The ticket answer:


        Thank you for contacting MU Online Support Team.

        We appreciate your effort for sending your concern. Upon checking, we found out that the only way to resolve this issue is to delete some of the items you receive. If you want to get rid some of it to provide more spaces in your inventory/vault, you can send us another ticket for item deletion request so we can proceed on deleting an item.

        Please make sure that you provide the name and quantity of the item that you want us to delete when you send your item deletion request.
        If you have other inquiries or concerns, please dont hesitate to contact us again.

        Best Regards,
        MU Online Support Team"

        i opened another ticket so they exclude 4 medium boxes from my event inventory


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          how long time take webzen to response the tickets?

          I have the same problem.


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            Hi guys, i have a full event inventory

            N° TICKET: 442367