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Problem with MU and System Explorer

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  • Problem with MU and System Explorer

    Good morning, I have a problem with MU Online when I have the System Explorer program open, I don't know why this happens, I only use the system explorer to reduce the consumption of some programs that I use, I wanted to do the same with MU but the problem originated without being able to do something about it.
    I leave video showing the problem, I have no idea why having the System Explorer open the MU takes so long to load so I had to speed it up (original duration 4:35 minutes).
    I hope you can help me, thanks for your attention.

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    I hate to say it, but that error is appearing because GameGuard (WEBZEN's anti-cheat program) is detecting that program as a "hack program." Therefore, you cannot run that program (System Explorer) while playing MU Online.

    You may want to try to launch the game with out System Explorer launched, and then once you log into the game, your account, and pick your character, try to then launch the program. I cannot say that it will work.

    I, for one, think they need to trash GameGuard and find a better anti-cheat program, because there are too many conflicts like this, and the program really doesn't do its job in detecting any actual hacks.

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      I understand, but could they not place an exclusion for the system explorer? I don't know if Webzen is the one that manages that anticheat, but I don't think it's so difficult to tell the developer of the anticheat to do it. Thanks for the reply, it is good to know that it wasn't just me. Hopefully someone who can do something about it read the post and dialogue on the subject with those above.