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Is this a joke?

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  • Is this a joke?

    I said to myself .. let`s start playing mu again ... so in go on the server .. buy some seals for extra xp and item drop and a golden tiket to grow faster.

    After 24 hours nothing .. no drops .. only scrolls .. oh .. and the zen doped from ever 4-5 monsters doesn`t even cover the cost of a damn mana potion

    And the thing that hit me the most .. is that i tried combining a lvl 3 invisibility cloack ... and the first time i tried .. with 80% chances it faild )) with one chaos that i had.

    Fuck this ... now i remember why i stopped playing in the first time.

    So what`s the point of all those seals and stuff on the store if they don`t give you shit?

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    Most seals from the item shop only increase EXP. However, Seal of Wealth and Seal of Divinity, and the Worn Horseshoe, are all items which increase Item Drop Rate.

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