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Just some questiones regarding server merge

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  • Just some questiones regarding server merge

    So if its correct i can only have one char thats on the server i play midgard and newer played Eldorado if its so
    why cant i transfer all my other chars i got Ae lvl 807 that i play i used to play Smg on the same acc and its 700++
    i invested money to up SMG before ferea map
    am i going to be compensated for my loses???

    In my opinion its not fair with me and some other players i play this game nearly 15yers my 1st acc was crated when devias was highest map
    i spend real money i invested many hours and all of that will be taken from me just like that.
    Its not right!!!!

    Reconsider you actions plz and check other solutions plz.
    ther wer merges before and all accounts wer transfered without problem even with transfer from K2 servers back to webzen

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    In Shop you can buy 5 times the char transfer....Check again in game!


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      You misunderstood the merge announcement. You don't have to do anything, all your chars will be transferred.And no, you don't have to buy the premium transfer service. It's needed only for accounts that have characters on both servers.


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        Andyring's post in another thread explains the process in plain english. You should read it.