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Midgard event server dead at the moment

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  • Midgard event server dead at the moment

    I was stuck in event server but get out of jail by summoning myself out of it using the party system and my EDL.
    Under this state you cannot switch server, cannot warp and cannot exit the game using the in-game menu.

    If anyone else is stuck like this you can do the following:

    -Create a party with a DL who can summon (require 400CMD) using the party system menu (N). The DL must not be in a GEN.
    -Login the jailed character and use the N menu to join that party. Your characters must be on the same server shown on the top corner.
    -Once your character successfully joined the party, cast summon with your DL on the field.
    -Your character will get to the normal field but your inventory and HUD are now bugged, simply switch character and re-enter the game the problem should be fixed.

    If you do not own a DL who can summon you need to ask someone else for help. If your EDL/CDL cannot leave guild/gen for whatever reason, you can create a party using a no gen character, get your stuck character into that party and then party your DL directly on the field, and then summon.

    Good luck.