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50 Bless disapeared from my inventory!!!!

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  • 50 Bless disapeared from my inventory!!!!

    One character mine who is in charge of storage itens had a bundle of 50 Jewel of Bless on the left-upper first space of his inventory. I was trying to move this bundle of Bless to my vault but it wasn't going. A message in the corner appeared "This item can not be trade". I tryed to move the bundle to another slot in the inventory, but it wasn't going neither. Than I logoff/loggin the character thinking it was a simple bug because I was moving too many things from this character's inventory to vault at that moment (I was going to delete this character to open a new vacance character in order to create a Summoner), but when I open its inventory the bundle of Bless had simply desapeared!! I checked the vault and nothing... It has gone.

    What about now? Will I had to stand this loss?
    How do I contact Webzen to report this bug? How do I recover my 50 bless?
    I'm a noob player who have fought hard to gather those jewels of bless, two weeks hunting down moon rabbits and now I loose it all... How can I evolute myself in the game with bugs like that?

    Does have other mutzens experienced something like that? Is it possible that it was some kind of hacking activity?
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    Verifiquei minha segurança e teve acesso a minha conta loggin de Venezuela e Peru! Alguém roubou minhas Bless, Soul, Life and Chaos do meu Baú! Como faço para ver o histórico de trade com outros personagens? O que a WEBZEN pode fazer a esse respeito?


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      Eu tentei enviar um ticket pra eles (submit a ticket). Eles pediram as seguintes informações:

      1) Character Name/Class:
      2) Account Name
      3) Server Name:
      4) Registered E-mail:
      5) Registered Birthday:
      6) Registered Country:
      7) Disappeared Item Name:
      8) Specific date of Item lost:
      9) How item got lost:

      Mas depois que enviei, eles não responderam mais (fazem 4 dias). Tô aguardando pra ver se ainda dão notícias.


      I still wainting an anwer from Webzen for this matter. I had submited a ticket to them with the information listed above (as they required me), but they didn't answer untill now.

      I hope this delay would be because they still going to investigate what happen and give those missing blesses back to me... Has been four days I'm waiting for an answer.
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      • Zenev
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        You should Log-in to your account.Go on your Security and Select the country that Log-in are permitted.This will prevent hackers from Log-in to your account and take your stuff.On the information below you will see all the Log-in Dates.Try and see if there was any Connection to your account other than your Location IP Address at the date your stuff Dissapeared.Also would suggest you to put a Pin for your Bank to prevent them from further taking your stuff.If you see any different IP Address log-in to your account.submit your ticket and inform them the country,IP and time they got into your account.As for the 50Bless i doubt they will give you what you lost due to account being hacked.It is us to make sure to Protect and keep our account safe.Our account,Our responsability.

      • Pedroom
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        It's not what happened, dear Zenev. I wasn't hacked, because I had over 200 bless in that character's inventory, If I were hacked, the hacker would stole all blesses, don't you agree? What happened was a system'a bug. And it happened again, but this time I lost only 3 mana potions.

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      Manda mensagem pra Webzen. Mas tem que escrever pra eles em inglês... Vai em SUPPORT >> EDIT ACCOUNT GUIDE >> SUBMIT A TICKET
      Também tô achando que o que aconteceu comigo foi coisa de hacker...


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        More than 2 weeks waiting for an answer from Webzen to this matter, but it seens they didn't care about. I sent two tickets, but they haven't answer until now.